Life in the UK Test – Take Charge of Your Destiny

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that the minute we are born, we are already destined to live the life we have now? If so, why bother to study and to dream?

Believing that we are living a foreordained life can be so depressing. Just by its thought can take away the brilliant colours of the rainbow. Such a gloomy thought would surely breed hopelessness and complacency.

But if you believe, you know that destiny is ours to make. That, no matter how rough life can be, there is always hope to make it better!

Reading all those blogs and statistical figures showing how difficult it is for one to pass the Life in the United Kingdom Test definitely struck fear in my heart. But looking at the pictures of my family back in my homeland, I knew I just have to give it a try.

British citizenship will not just allow me to find better work opportunities but will also put food on my family’s table back home. It will open the door of a finer life for my siblings through education from the financial support I’ll be able to give them. And most of all, it will afford me the chance to take good care of my aged parents who had literally spent their life for my advancement.

With a firm determination to make a difference in my life, I went through the whole process of attaining my goal. I was able to know everything about this qualifying test, The information now I share with you on proved to be of great assistance to me too as I have to continue to work while preparing for this!.

As I’m not as privileged as some people applying for the test, I needed to burn both ends of the candle when studying topics I’m not familiar with. Most of the time, I would only stop reading when my eyes become teary. I practiced on more than a thousand test questions as part of the preparation. With each wrong answer, I went back to review the topic. At night, my back hurt like crazy. Despite all the hardships, I just kept on.

On the day before the exam, I faced myself on a mirror. Looking at my reflection, I spoke to myself, “It doesn’t matter what your score will be in tomorrow’s test. What matters is you chose to shape your own destiny. Should you fall short of passing, take the test again. There’s absolutely nothing to lose…just all to gain!”

Going to my testing centre the next day, I repeated the same message in my mind like a mantra. Strangely, calmness filled my being, taking away all fears. I answered the questions with the same intensity I did when I was doing my practice tests.

When I received notice that I passed the exam, I felt warm tears running down my cheeks. In the comfort of my room, I looked at myself through the mirror again. Through tears of joy, I saw myself smiling. True, indeed, I’m in charge of my own destiny!

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