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Life in the UK Test Study Guide

Life in the UK Test Study Guide Marble arch londonIf you want to be a British citizen or going to apply for ILR recently, then I think you already know about the life in the UK test. You have to pass the exam to get the citizenship. The exam helps to integrate a foreign national well in to the British society. You can learn many things like the culture, constitution and the laws of the society by appearing the test. So this is a must thing for the peoples trying to settle permanently in Britain.

About the Test and Life in the UK Test Study Guide

Let’s learn about the exam process. You have to be good in English to sit for the exam. Otherwise you have to take the English language (ESOL) class first. Sometime it is needed to take the citizenship class too. You have to complete the test at one of the “Life in the UK Test” Centers in the United Kingdom. This is a computer based exam. So you should have a minimum knowledge about the computer too.

The book from which you can get help is “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. This is the official book recommended to prepare for the exam. Or you can save a lot of time and the expense of buying the book by reading the chapter summaries of Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship.

The test is a combination of multiple choice based questions. There are three types of questions in the test.

  1. Single Answer – Multiple Choice

  2. Multiple Answers – Multiple Choice

  3. True/ False type questions.

For most of the questions you have to choose only one answer and mark that. There will be four options given to you. These are the single answer multiple choice questions.

And some questions will have two answers in the multiple choices. You have to mark the both two as right answer. So in multiple answers four choices will be given and more than one answer will be there.

Another type of question will be True or False types. A statement will be given and the multiple choices will be True or False. You have to decide whether the statement is true or it is false. This thing seems to be easy because there are only two options to choose from. But sometimes it becomes more tricky than four multiple choices.

Without preparation you can’t do better in the test. Learn some tips and techniques on how to improve your score in the Life in the UK test. The test will last for 45 minutes and you have to answer 24 questions in this time. You have to get 75% mark to pass the test.

Preparing for the Test using the Life in the UK Test Study Guide

Life in the UK Test London duck tourYou already know that this is a test of multiple choice questions. So you have to be prepared well on this. There are several things to remember for answering multiple choice questions. The first thing to keep in mind that – the right answer is always there between the four choices (hopefully this is rather obvious !). At first read very carefully the question and try to assume the answer without looking at the choices. This thing will keep you from being fallen into confusion. After that, look at the answers given and mark the one you think is similar or nearer to your assumption. Your analyzing power is your best friend when answering this type of questions. It will be better if you can follow the tips given bellow.

  • It is hard to remember all the things you study for this exam. There are lots of details. So try to remember the most important details and do it regularly. Memorize a small part everyday.

  • Read down the questions very carefully. Most of the time errors occur when students can’t understand the questions.

  • When answering multiple choices question, read all the choices. Don’t stop at 2 or 3 though you think you have found the right answer. Some times it is not the right answer, what they are looking for is the best answer.

  • Practice with some sample British Citizenship Test questions. Doing the practice will speedup your analyzing power and shorten the time to give an answer.

  • Try not to spend too much time on one question. There is a time limit for every question. If you spend too much time on one, then you can’t answer them all.

  • If you don’t know the answer to one question, then go to answer the next. Don’t waste the time on unknown question. You can answer that later.

  • After answering all of the questions go for the unanswered questions. Try to use your common sense to mark the best possible answer.

  • Remember that –when you find that – there is “Every,” “Always” and “All” in the answers then this might be the right answer. At least they have a better chance to be right.

  • There is another thing, try to omit the incorrect answer before you mark the correct one. This will help to minimize errors.

  • Don’t change your answer. Usually your first selection (NOT the first answer option) is always right.

  • Positive answers are most of the time true in true/false type questions.

  • You have prepared well for the life in the UK test – then if you see an answer with more information and look familiar to you that might be the right or true answer.

  • When you are skipping an answer, put a mark beside it. Otherwise you might forget to come back again. This is like writing down the number of the questions in a paper.

  • Don’t leave any answer blank. If you really don’t know the answers then just guess what it might be. But not a wild guess. Try to use your analyzing power, make an intelligent guess.

All of the questions that you are going to answer in the “Life in the UK Test” are going to be from the book “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. So the very first suggestion is to read the book carefully or read the summary of the book on this site. You can’t remember everything at first. So you have to study and remember a little part everyday. That’s a continuous practice. And as told – there is no alternative to practice by answering some sample life in UK questions. You can find many on the web. This will increase your efficiency. So the summery or our Life in the UK Test Study Guide is – study the book, practice regularly and remember the above suggestions. That’s all.


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