Life in the United Kingdom Test – Revision Advice

The handbook in passing the British citizenship test had already been revised three times. Its third revision, Life in the United Kingdom Test: A Guide for New Residents; which updated the 2007 edition, New Life in the UK Test: A Journey to Citizenship; was released on March 25, 2013. The second edition corrected the erroneous entries in its first edition. On the other hand, the third edition deleted ordinary subject matters in the country’s day to day living and changed the focus of the handbook. This change should be studied extensively as this will also change the questions in the examination.

Boring topics scrapped out from the second edition of the handbook includes information on water meters, credit cards and Internet usage, job interviews, train travel schedules and other public transportation matters. Instead of focusing on how to claim for benefits, the new handbook emphasized the importance of the citizens input in making the kingdom a happy, if not the happiest, place to live in. The United Kingdom offers freedom of belief and religion, speech, from unfair discrimination and the right to fair trial and join in the election of the government. The challenge now is for the new residents to do their part in ensuring that such benefits will continue to be given with ease.

The next exams will, undoubtedly, focus on the values and principles of the United Kingdom such as, democracy, rule of law and individual liberty. It also includes tolerance of those with different faith and beliefs, and participation in communities. Consequently, the future tests will require more studying as applicants usually come from other countries with their own history, culture and tradition.

Emphasizing the need for the United Kingdom to have a superior society compared to the other nations in the world, the handbook includes events and people who had made the nation great. To mention a few, the well-known British writers, Williams Shakespeare and Robert Burns, are among the featured people. Legendary British citizens excelling in their respective fields, such as science and politics, are given attention. This is to encourage aspiring citizens to make good in their line of work or passion and help the kingdom attain its objective.

Here are some topic pointers in reviewing the new handbook:

  1. Source of the values fundamental to British society – This are historical facts of the land and its people.

  2. Primary doctrines of British life – This covers customs, traditions and religion.

  3. Obligations and freedoms of permanent residents of the United Kingdom – This refers to laws in all areas of the government.

  4. Procedure in becoming a United Kingdom citizen – This covers preparation, application and passing the required examinations.

For thorough preparation, take note of the revisions by checking the sample questions available online at and chapter summaries at . This is of dire importance for people who will be taking the test for the second or third time around. Prioritize topics arising from the revision. Otherwise, get ready to take the exam again in the future.