Look at this email with a Winner


GET READY!! It’s not every day you get to see inside the mind of a winner, and what they go through to Win!

I’m in the fortunate position of getting to know and interact with thousands of people every day. Mostly nice people, but also full of doubts and worries.

Now step into my world.

Watch this from a lady who started very late but finished a winner in less than 4 days!.

Her name is Esther, she  got in touch with me and said “I went for the test last week and today but unfortunately i failed the test.”

so she had tried 2 times but Failed both times.

I replied to Esther and said I can definitely help because I have so much experience of helping people pass the test and that I have helped some people who would ha e never passed the test without my help.

Then there was a problem, she was so busy! so we had to find a time that suited her, when she was available to study. This is actually one of the very important and valuable aspects of our training program at http://lifeuk.info/5-hours where we find a time that you are available and provide you the one to one private training at that time.

Then Esther told me about another issue 🙂

“I will like to start on Monday as i’m planning to do the test again on Saturday next week. The reason is my leave to remain is going to expire on 10 days time!.”

So we arranged lessons..

and then when we were about to start the first lesson there was another problem.

she said “Good morning, please my daughter is unwell she is now with her Doctor.  Please can we meet for later if possible.”

so somehow I managed to rearrange my other lessons and we got started. Then after a couple of lesson she started to worry about the test which was to be in 3 days time.

She said “Pls remember my exam is on saturday. How are we going to complete the lession??”

In my experience Everyone panics and worries before the test, so a critical aspect of our training is to get them to see that they will pass and ALL that they have to do is just follow my instructions. So I told Esther that she should not worry. but if she really wanted to worry she can worry after satruday when she had Passed her test :).

So with that out of the way we did the remaining lessons. There were a few more issues with her Internet connection but it was simple to handle with our extensive experience of teaching 1000s of students.

With each and every lesson her confidence grew dramatically and she changed her thinking from “OH my god, I am going to fail” to “I know I can do this and Pass on this Saturday because I of the way I am getting ready for it”. This is one of the really nice things I enjoy seeing in students. They come in with shattered hopes and dreams and very LOW confidence and even self esteem. But then they blossom like flowers and grow in confidence during training. It’s a wonderful think to be able to see that in another person. It’s useful for the Life in the UK test but it goes far beyond this test. Just imagine this feeling of being in control and being able to do anything spreading to other areas of you life….

Then on Saturday I was on a call.. talking with someone who had called me so many times before, but still was not convinced that they will Pass with this training program. during that Call Esther was on the phone to me and told me the good news.2016-04-30 17.42.06-2

Esther: Hi James,

Esther: I passed

Esther: Thank u for your help, Much appriciated!












So in summary

Esther had failed 2 times before, and was NOT confident and very worried, when she came to me for help.

She had another test coming up in just 4 days time!!!

Esther was so busy with work and being a Mom, it was difficult to find time for lessons

Her daughter was unwell

Her Leave to remain was expiring in 7 days time!!!

She had issues with her Internet

But in the end we overcame all these to make her a winner.

Best regards,



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