Low earners will be deported in New Changes to Immigration rules!

April is when they introduce changes to immigration rules. Many will be affected by the Migration bill of the UK government.

Taking effect from April this year is the new legislation which would get migrants that are low earners deported. What might be its impact on manufacturing?
This week, critics of the plans by the government of the United Kingdom to commence for migrants that are non-EU a pay threshold has been increasing its pace.

A petition has already been signed by 72,000 people as at when this piece was written, where Theresa May the home secretary has been called to have the controversial legislation scrapped, where non-EU migrants who are being paid lower than 35,000 pounds after a duration of five years are going to get deported.

Expected to commence in April, the rules which are new are a portion of a bunch of measures implemented to bring down net migration figures into the United Kingdom. The current data of the net from the Office for National Statistics showed that as the year to March 2015 it had gotten to 330,000, which is higher than the target of the government by three times.
The pay threshold has been defended by the home secretary who claims that it is going to be of benefit to the economy by making sure that just the immigrants who are the best and the brightest would remain in the United Kingdom.

However, it is being argued by increasingly vocal critic groups that the limit of 35,000 pounds that is higher than the average salary of 26,500 pounds in the UK is not fair and draconian, and it was going to create an impact that could devastate a lot of industries which have heavy reliance on skilled workers from outside the European Union, especially th professions of IT, teaching, and nursing.

Engineering might also be included to this list.
The Engineer has frequently reported that the engineering sectors in the United Kingdom faces a worrying and acute skills shortage. In 2015, a warning was made by the Royal Academy of Engineering that over the next 5 years they were going to require a million new engineers. Employers are now looking abroad to get key vacancies filled because they are being faced with competition that is stiff for talent that is home-grown. As expected, based on the 2015 skills survey of the EEF, 29 out of 100 manufacturers do not have any confidence that they are going to be capable of employing from within the United Kingdom engineers that are skilled, whereas 10 out of 100 manufactures stated that they had plans for the next 3 years to employ from outside of Europe.

Even though salaries in engineering are normally above average, we can have confidence that basically a few of those migrants who are essential and non-EU are going to be paid lower than 35,000 pounds. Based on the 2015 salary survey compiled by us, just 32,000 pounds is the average remuneration of a junior engineer. On the other hand, searching quickly through any of the job boards for engineering, comprising of our own is going to turn up plenty opportunities which when compared to the new threshold have lower pays.

The law has already had its effect reduced. For example, researchers and scientists in jobs that are at PhD levels are going to be exempted from this limit. However we would offer our suggestions that the home secretary should take a look carefully at the impact on the engineering sectors before things get out of hand.

If the United Kingdom desires to keep its status as a leader in the world in vital engineering areas, skills that are international are necessary. And this is not simply for getting roles filled, but to assist firms based in the United Kingdom keep a perspective that is international and be rewarded for the economic dividends of a workforce that is diverse and broad-based.

And although immigration is a topic which cannot be avoided, the government has to be very careful to make sure that it does not get valuable skills sacrificed in its attempts to get the figures added up.
Are you likely to be affected by the new legislation as a worker from overseas?

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