mark harpers illegal immigrant cleaner arrested

Border Police arrest  illegal immigrant cleaner of minister during wedding

Isabella Acevedo, of Columbia, was seized during a raid by UK Border Police just before her daughter’s wedding, while waiting for the bride to arrive.
Acevedo was the self-employed cleaner of Tory minister Mark Harper, she was taken by at least a dozen Immigration and Police officers and placed forcefully in the back of a van, where she was subsequently arrested and now faces prosecution.

mark harpers illegal immigrant cleanerMark Harper was a punctual part of the Tory crackdown on illegal immigrations, and responsible for the ‘Go Home’ campaign, in which the slogan, along with other controversial statements were placed in large font across the sides and backs of lorries in areas of London where large amounts of the population consisted of ethic minorities.
Mike Jones, who spoke from the Public and Commercial Services union, said that the campaign was beneficial to “Right wing racist and fascist organisations such as the BNP, EDL, EVF and others”.

This reflected badly upon the Conservatory party, who do not tend to display such extremist views in general. In an ironic turn, Harper was unaware that in fact, his own cleaner was illegally residing in the UK. Unsurprisingly, he resigned because of the incident.

In his letter of resignation, he stated that he had made checks in both 2007, 2010 and 2012.
After launching a new effort to get land owners and employers to perform “reasonable checks” on their workers, he attempted to attain documents on his cleaner as he had previously, where upon not being able to attain said documents, was informed that she was staying in the country illegally, and had not possessed an indefinite leave to stay within the United Kingdoms.

He informed the Prime Minister David Cameron of his resignation and resigned immediately, seeing himself as unfit for the position.
Harper made his maiden speech in spring 2005.

An onlooker during the incident claimed that the operation was very fast, and even suggested that the officers had been hiding within the building in wait. They entered loudly and attempted to threaten said onlooker, saying they would take the mobile phone which was filming the incident as evidence. Luckily, the footage was posted onto the internet, and the story has emerged in its entirety.
The ex-minister had been paying Acevedo £30 per week to clean and iron within his Westminster flat.
At the time, officers prevented the wedding, claiming that there were discrepancies within the paperwork, however, registrars allowed the wedding to go ahead later on.
This event is generally considered part of a larger effort to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants and fraud within the UK, headed by the Conservatory party, who are currently at the head of the country. As of recently, many new legislations have given more power toward officers that allow a higher level of interference within the illegal immigrant community.
Fraud within the UK that is caused by the unlawfully residing population costs millions in taxpayer money each year.