Migrant permitted to write British nationality examination for 64 times in spite of his continuous failure

A migrant was permitted to continue retaking a language examination 64 times in order for them to be able to acquire a British permit.

Every immigrant who wishes to become a citizen of Britain is required to sit for the Life in the United Kingdom examination. It is 45 minutes in duration and comprises of 24 enquiries in regards to the customs and traditions that are obtainable in the United Kingdom.

However, government representatives agreed that there was no maximum limitation to the quantity of times a foreigner can sit for the examination.

Phillip Davies a Conservative MP criticized the alarming statistic. He wondered how anybody could defend an individual for making as much as 64 attempts at the examination was what he did not have any clues about. He felt strongly that this was just another revelation of how really soft in touch and dealings that they had become as a nation.

He asked The Sun that which other nation permitted an individual to sit for the examination for as much as 64 times. In other countries, they would have told the individual concerned long ago to be gone because he was a failure.

He stated further that as a country there was simply no further need for them to be bothered or shocked since they are willing to permit foreigners to continuously, perhaps without any limit, permit them to continue to sit for the examination until they excelled in it.

The Life in the UK examination was initially launched in 2005 by Labour.

However the examination was revised in 2013 because of worries that nine out of ten applicants were excelling in the examination which was supposed to be difficult and hard to pass.

The Home Office stated that presently, the examination now comprises of events and individuals who have made invaluable contributions to making Britain a great country.

Foreigners are examined on a wide array of topics which comprise of important historical details, music, and sports.

The revision was initiated to concentrate much more on the culture and past of Britain and less on the practical aspects involved in the everyday living in the country.

Anyone might say that the country is quite liberal and so even if they do not pass they can have an infinite amount of times to re-sit the exam. But that is not a good mindset to adopt for so many reasons.

First of all, why would anyone want to waste time, resources, and efforts to continuously rewriting an examination when they can easily pass it with the necessary guidance and assistance?

Secondly, with the UK becoming very stringent and determined to cut down on immigration numbers, there is no doubt that it is only a matter of time before they are going to put a limit to the number of times that any immigrant can attempt this examination and pass at it.

Thirdly, for all the time that would have been wasted re-sitting the exam, that is how long that the affected immigrant would be missing out on available opportunities to settle down to available jobs.

You must realize that it is not as if there is a ready-made job waiting specifically for you to complete the Life in the UK exam and get a British Passport and then come and start working. If you have that mindset, you are terribly wrong. Any available job opportunities are taken up by those who are qualified and available to take them, and not those who are hoping to get qualified. It would be gravely wrong for you to assume otherwise.

This is the reason why every immigrant to Britain must as a matter of priority seek for professional training in order to pass the test. Such training would prepare you adequately in all aspects of the examination. You would also have up to date knowledge on current affairs, historical facts, and events. This would make you have a higher chance of quickly passing the test at first attempt and getting settled into life at the United Kingdom. Do not take the chance of sitting for the test on your own efforts and knowledge. Seek professional training to pass the test today.