50,000 Illegal Immigrants Missing In Britain

Earlier this month, British immigration officials have confessed that they are completely clueless regarding the whereabouts of almost 50,000 illegal immigrants. This automatically grants those workers the status of ‘de facto amnesty’

The term de facto amnesty was initially coined to emphasize the incompetency of the immigration system and stress upon the fact that letting them go was equivalent to granting them amnesty.

The immigration officials are not looking for these ‘missing’ workers because of a lack of resources. This is why the Home Office has instead hired a private firm, Capita, to locate them and bring them in.
These details came pouring in when the Director General of Immigration and Enforcement for the Home Office, Mandie Campbell, was briefing a committee of MPs. Campbell claimed to have caught 121,000 immigrants, however admitting that 50,000 had slipped through right under their noses. She also mentioned that the ones that had been tracked down are now filing new cases in order to stay in England.

According to the Telegraph, Campbell stated that the private company they hired, Capita, has a very efficient modus operandi; they do a series of follow ups on last known addresses as well as checking up with credit agencies. This is how they determine the current location of the missing people. However she also admitted that they have not been able to establish contact with the group of people as yet.

Replying to questions regarding why the Home Office doesn’t take direct action, Campbell said that they have very little enforcement resources, and that these resources are used in extreme cases where there is direct proof of some sort of harm being done. She said that in the case of criminal offending, the resources will be utilized without delay.

Mr. Stewart Jackson, one of the conservative MPs has rebuked the immigration officials for their incompetence in being completely oblivious of the whereabouts and movements of 50,000 illegal immigrants. He remarked sarcastically that these people won’t turn up themselves; hence more measures must be taken to track them down. Jackson said that this state of affairs was ‘unacceptable’ and a serious issue of ‘public safety’. He emphasized the magnitude of the situation by stating that it was not just 500 people but in fact 50,000 people that were missing.

Meanwhile, the British government has introduced certain anti-terrorism clauses. This was an initiative of the Prime Minister David Cameron who has publicly announced a number of measures that have been implemented to help discourage and contend with British citizens who wish to support the ISIS. According to these new amendments, the government and border officials have been given the right to confiscate the passports of such people, thereby preventing them from coming back home.
However, it was reinforced that 50,000 unknown illegal migrants was bad news. It will encourage other migrants to go underground once they have entered Britain and this can become a real problem for immigration officials. Already, there are reports of dozens of Frenchmen trying to enter Britain via ferry. Luckily, their attempt was made unsuccessful by staff using fire hoses against them.