Apprehended fraudster caught writing the test for British nationality for someone else EATS scam passport

It was discovered by the Crown Court in Derby that Wasim Husain tore and started eating and ingesting passport pages in order to confiscate the incriminating evidence
A scammer attempted to consume his fake passport when he was caught utilizing it to sit and write for a test in British citizenship.

Wasim Husain a crazy operator of an ambulance call centre was given $300 to sit for the examination on behalf of another man.

He had driven from his Dudley, West Mids home to write the test at a Derby centre of Local Learning.
But the suspicions of staff were aroused regarding how authentic the Pakistani passport the 26 year old was using. As a result of their suspicions, there was a unanimous decision by the staff to confront him.
The Crown Court in Derby heard how at that point Husain had snapped. The Crown Court in Derby then heard how Husain began swallowing after chewing the passport pages all in an effort to confiscate the evidence completely.
The prosecuting official Sarah Slater stated that the staff member had accosted the defendant with the belief that the passport was a fake and that he was not supposed to sit for the test of citizenship.
Husain had then become very angered and had grabbed his passport from the desk and attempted to leave but discovered that the door had been locked and he started to kick at it.

She said that when the door refused to open, Husain started to tear out the pages of the passport, one after the other but starting with the first page and started to eat the pages of the passport.
It was at that point that the Police were called to the testing centre and Husain who is an employee of the Ambulance Service of Midlands was arrested and taken away by the Police.
Husain pleaded guilty to having in his possession of a fake means of identification with an unlawful intention and was sent to jail for eight months.

Martin Jackson QC the Recorder had told Husain that a person having in his/her possession an authentic passport of Britain possessed the right to a number of privileges. As a result, any individual who was trying to obtain one using false and unlawful means was simply undermining the entire immigration control system.
He went further to state that Husain had willingly accepted the sum of $300 to sit and write a test of citizenship for a different person. In view of the need for there to be measures to discourage offenders and potential law breakers who attempt to utilized false documents to circumvent controls of immigration, there could really only be one result – and that would be to take the person so apprehended into custody.
It was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Ambulance Service of the West Midlands that disciplinary actions had already commenced against the culprit Husain.