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fast track UK Visa China

UK embassy fast tracks Chinese Visa service
As of August 11th 2014, the United Kingdom will be offering a 24 hour super high priority Visa service to Chinese citizens in an effort to boost the economy with high spending tourists.
The service is open to anybody who has prior travel in the United Kingdoms, United States of America, Canada or 22 of the E.U countries participating in the open border Schengen area, which allowed for open travel between the countries participating with a single common Visa.
The price of the service will be 600 pounds.

Why Fast Track UK Visa in China ?

The opening of 12 application centres across the country of China in an effort to make the system more accessible toward the whole population will no doubt boost the population of the service, which brought in £300,000,000 in 2012.
Last year, there was a huge 31% increase in Chinese applications, leading the government to see a potential goldmine of external income toward the country, as well as taking part in a friendly, reciprocating activity that will help heal the wounds from tensions such as disagreements toward policies in Syria and David Cameron’s visit to the Dali Lama, a Tibetan, whose country has been part of an ongoing struggle to avoid the Chinese influence that is being imparted upon the country.
fast track UK Visa ChinaAmong other changes designed to streamline the process, Chinese nationals will no longer need both an Irish and Uk Visa to enter the country, being able to access the country with one or the other.
High spenders contribute a significant portion of income in the UK, and as the world leaves recession, this income is only likely to go up, with more being spent on holidaying across the nation.
Eventually, the government plans to extend this service toward India, which is likely to be just as profitable as the country enters a new phase of it’s development, with huge income and trade boosting it’s economy by large amounts each year.
In 2012, 210,000 UK Visas were issued to Chinese citizens, highlighting the huge potential that the massive country has to help the UK pull itself faster out of recession and toward a larger tourism industry, which can be surprisingly profitable.
Overseas visitors spend about £20,000,000,000 each year in the country, surpassing crude oil output and agricultural export.
External and internal tourism combined is worth an estimated £127,000,000,000 and employs around 3 million. This is equivalent to around 9% of the UK’s GDP.
The sector grows at 3-4% per year, far exceeding many other industries in this growth capability.
Predictions suggest that this could grow larger as international interest and popularity increase.
This is positive for both the overwhelming economical gains as well as the stability it extends to the countries which frequently visit, providing a friendly bridge between countries which can smooth over scars.
This Visa program is the first of it’s kind, but we can expect to see many more of similar policies if this flagship is successful in it’s method.

sham marriages Crackdown rise

Sham marriages crackdown as registrars gain new power

It might be a well known fact by now that the United Kingdoms is coming down harshly on immigration regulations in all ways it can.
One of these ways is by potentially giving registrars the power to interrupt or otherwise break apart suspicious matrimonies as they happen.
This is a crackdown on an event dubbed the ‘sham marriage’, in which a British national will (usually for a fee) marry somebody in order to achieve a certain goal.
These are called ‘marriages of convenience’ as opposed to love or partnership.
While in itself, this event is not illegal, the act of taking part in order to deceive officials is.
It is considered a violation as it allows the spouse immigration rights and citizenship.
sham marriages  CrackdownThey have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with a steep incline in these events taking place.
In 2011, the UK Border Agency issued advice and guidelines to the clergy, which gave them power to decide not to marry a couple if the situation felt ‘suspicious’ or ‘wrong’.
As developed countries have imposed stricter guidelines, sham marriages have become a more and more effective method of gaining Visa into a nation.
As a result, this increase has caused serious concern due to the lack of security in the situations.
New legislation could allow more power to registrars, allowing them to interrupt marriages in progress, involving the police, who would proceed to possibly prosecute the suspicious potential spouse.
However, lack of effective methods which spot these sham marriages have resulted in many genuine marriages being interrupted by police, which one spokesperson said “damages community relations”.
The problem resides though, that although this process is very inefficient, with one claim suggesting 2 in 5 of these crackdowns are against genuine marriages, at this moment, there is no better system.
These decisions are open to influence by disposition of the clergy and others who have power to decide, and may result in inequality toward certain races if members are not properly checked.
There is no doubt that as the situation evolves, more efficient methods will be found and the system will be optimised.
But for now, there have been many documented cases of police arresting innocent people and ruining expensive and well attended marriages.
Nonetheless, the question remains;
Is this method acceptable, even if it is inefficient, as long as it prevents a certain amount of ‘fake marriages’?
As the government and immigration agencies pay this subject more attention, we will begin to see popular opinion toward the subject. Remember that even is 2 in 5 marriages interrupted are real, there is a further 3 in 5 that are fake and prevented.
That is 60% efficient.
The impact of forced Visa immigration through processes like this are yet to be fully felt, but as the UK tightens it’s grip around all things border, we will soon find out how much damage these illegal processes have really been costing the nations a whole.

UK visa applicants arrested for fraud

The Couple  (UK visa applicants arrested) arrested in Sri Lanka face 10 year UK ban and prosecution for deception


A married Sri Lankan couple face a 10 year ban from UK travel and possible prosecution after being arrested in the UK for submitting tampered Visa documents, which were unearthed by highly trained officers specialising in forgery during checks over the submitted documents.

The couple had concealed past rejections by the UK on their Visas, and actively denied the events even taking place when questioned.
Hiding previous rejections is considered ‘deception’ by the UK border agencies, and is generally thought of reason to be distrustful and reject Visa applications.
Stricter policies may be due to terror threats within the UK and a rising concern that suspicious behaviour may incline more sinister circumstances which would require immediate rejection of the Visa and a thorough investigation.

UK visa applicants arrested for fraud

The UK has handed over responsibility the the Sri Lankan Frauds Investigation Bureau, where the couple will likely be further interrogated and may face imprisonment of a hefty fine, which would set back further plans of immigration for some time.
UK Visas and Immigrations Operations Managers said: “We will not tolerate the abuse of the UK’s immigration rules” He stated that submitting false documents of deception in general would be ‘strongly’ advised against.

This comes during increasing pressure from some parts of the government to tighten immigration policies and regulations, essentially narrowing the acceptable reasons for entering the UK.

This pressure is generally seen as a response to cases in which a national would immigrate to the UK and take part in illegal activities. Controversially, this illegal activity between a tiny percentage of immigrants has changed the way the UK looks at immigration.
Cooperation between the UK and Sri Lankan governments that include transparent sharing of offences including Sri Lankan nationals may result in the two facing heavy prosecution when they arrive home.

Among other offences, they were arrested for ‘tampering’ and ‘deception’.
The UK sees this as a security threat to it’s nations and as a result, treats each case very seriously.
The United Kingdoms have very strict immigration polices which can present significant difficulty for non E.U members who want to find work within the country.
All recorded offences will stay on record permanently, making it more and more of a challenge for previous offenders to enter. While usually, one would be able to apply again in 28 days, the couple will be unable to consider reapplication for a decade.
Applying for a Visa, one must be entirely truthful in order to have the best chance of acceptance, presenting a clear, transparent case that can withstand scrutiny due to genuine intentions.

Lying to the Border Agencies is generally considered one of the worst things to do if attempting to enter said country. The for the best chance:
Use clear documentation which is not blurred, marked or has any compromising features.
In many parts of Asia, the refusal rate can be between 30-50%

Reasons for rejection can be such as:
No valid reason for application
– Applying for ‘holiday’ with no background with other trips – Lack of confidence in funds
– Not knowing where you will stay
– Lack of knowledge of terms

mark harpers illegal immigrant cleaner arrested

Border Police arrest  illegal immigrant cleaner of minister during wedding

Isabella Acevedo, of Columbia, was seized during a raid by UK Border Police just before her daughter’s wedding, while waiting for the bride to arrive.
Acevedo was the self-employed cleaner of Tory minister Mark Harper, she was taken by at least a dozen Immigration and Police officers and placed forcefully in the back of a van, where she was subsequently arrested and now faces prosecution.

mark harpers illegal immigrant cleanerMark Harper was a punctual part of the Tory crackdown on illegal immigrations, and responsible for the ‘Go Home’ campaign, in which the slogan, along with other controversial statements were placed in large font across the sides and backs of lorries in areas of London where large amounts of the population consisted of ethic minorities.
Mike Jones, who spoke from the Public and Commercial Services union, said that the campaign was beneficial to “Right wing racist and fascist organisations such as the BNP, EDL, EVF and others”.

This reflected badly upon the Conservatory party, who do not tend to display such extremist views in general. In an ironic turn, Harper was unaware that in fact, his own cleaner was illegally residing in the UK. Unsurprisingly, he resigned because of the incident.

In his letter of resignation, he stated that he had made checks in both 2007, 2010 and 2012.
After launching a new effort to get land owners and employers to perform “reasonable checks” on their workers, he attempted to attain documents on his cleaner as he had previously, where upon not being able to attain said documents, was informed that she was staying in the country illegally, and had not possessed an indefinite leave to stay within the United Kingdoms.

He informed the Prime Minister David Cameron of his resignation and resigned immediately, seeing himself as unfit for the position.
Harper made his maiden speech in spring 2005.

An onlooker during the incident claimed that the operation was very fast, and even suggested that the officers had been hiding within the building in wait. They entered loudly and attempted to threaten said onlooker, saying they would take the mobile phone which was filming the incident as evidence. Luckily, the footage was posted onto the internet, and the story has emerged in its entirety.
The ex-minister had been paying Acevedo £30 per week to clean and iron within his Westminster flat.
At the time, officers prevented the wedding, claiming that there were discrepancies within the paperwork, however, registrars allowed the wedding to go ahead later on.
This event is generally considered part of a larger effort to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants and fraud within the UK, headed by the Conservatory party, who are currently at the head of the country. As of recently, many new legislations have given more power toward officers that allow a higher level of interference within the illegal immigrant community.
Fraud within the UK that is caused by the unlawfully residing population costs millions in taxpayer money each year.

Sham Marriages UK Home Office Could Be Raiding Genuine Weddings

Cracking down on Sham Marriages UK : How Officials are adding more stress on the Bride

For many, marriage is a sacred institution for two partners to dedicate their lives to one another. In 2013, there were 234,464 marriages, a 6.6% increase in the last two years. Despite that Generation Y is marrying later in the life, people from different backgrounds are still marry and this traditional practice is still increasing.

However, some immigrants use marriage as a shortcut to bypass immigration policies. People are marrying to gain citizen rights, often closed off to immigrants. The Home Office along with the Home Affairs Committee are not happy with these activities, which they call “sham marriages.” In an effort to put an end to these weddings, the government officials taking decisive actions to stop what they deem as loopholes in immigration policies.


sham marriage UK Home Office Groom is arrestedThe Right Honorable Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, denounced the activities in the following comment, “There is an industry of deceit in the UK which uses sham marriages to circumvent immigration control. Marriage is a precious institution and should not be hijacked to make a mockery of the law or our immigration system.”

Vaz continues, “It is absurd that we willingly accept as valid, marriages where the two parties do not attend the ceremony. This allows an easy ticket into the UK and this proxy marriage loophole must be closed immediately. Without taking these steps the Government will never get a firm grip on a situation which is spiralling out of control.”

The Home Office has mobilized to interfere and stop any weddings which they suspect to be a sham. When they deem the wedding as fake, the Home Office sends border patrols to apprehend the suspects of the wedding and interrogate them. If they believe they have enough evidence to believe that the wedding is truly false, they arrests the suspects.

In an effort to hasten the halt on so­called sham marriages, the Home Office is allowing registration offices to stop and report marriages which they suspect to be sham marriages. Through this given authority, they would be allowed to deny marriages to couples if there is a slight detection of a fake marriage with an intention of providing illegal entry into the country.

There are concerns that these measures are intrusive which will have negative consequences. Colin Yeo, an immigration lawyer of Garden Court Chambers, said that there is a high chance that officials have interrupted genuine marriages. Yeo explains that registration officials would be “too quick to report relationships that are unconventional” or those who do not fit the mold of a normal couple.

The Home Office’s operation to take down false marriages has been pervasive to many marriages. In 2013, from January to October, 7,606 marriages were suspected to be fake. Throughout the entirety of the year, 1,173 marriages were investigated. Out of the marriages investigated, government officials made 664 arrests. However, experts express concern and state that it is very unlikely that more than 40% of investigated marriages would end in an arrest. The concerns match the result of the investigations’ outcomes, since only 90 marriages were found to be offences engaging in fake marriages for the purpose of gaining entry in the UK.

False Home Office Raids!

One incident which was published in the Camden Journal provides an account of a marriage between an Italian and Chinese couple, who were falsely accused of setting up a sham marriage. In November 2013, the border patrol raided the marriage and performed an extensive interrogation process on the members involved in the party. It took 30 minutes for the border patrol to figure out that the marriage was indeed a genuine matrimony.

These investigations have proven to be more of a nuisance to the genuine marriage. Habib Rahman, the chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants told HuffPost UK that the government is not tackling the sham marriage issue in the right manner. The actions performed by government officials are distressing to participants of marriages, since these tough enforcements to intrusive. If these enforcements continue, Habib believes that government officials will hurt community relations.

Although many would like to see an end to the sham marriage trends, the actions performed by the Home Office and its officials are believed to be unwarranted. These enforcements blindly sweep along genuine weddings in their search for sham marriages. Their investigative process is extreme, pervasive, and unfair. In order to deal with the issue at hand, officials will need to strategize and execute less extreme measures that will not harm marriages, which are often perceived as an already stressful event for many.

recovering from recession

UK economy leaves recession in the dust
In 2008, we entered one of the largest recessions of the history of the United Kingdoms.
For years, we struggled under harsh conditions, with an inflated unemployment rate and high-street stores falling under, leaving towns bare and empty of shoppers.
Now, for the first time, we can claim that as a nation, we are leaving those dark days behind.
The Chancellor George Osborne cites : “We’ve reached a major milestone in our economic plan.”
With varying predictions of growth this year, the IMF shifted their prediction from 2.8% to an impressive 3.2%, which would put Britain very high in the charter of economic growth of developed nations, something which we could not have claimed for many years.
All over the country, talk has shifted to a lighter shade; now of recovery, spending, growth.
However, Osborne warned “not to repeat the mistakes of the past”, suggesting that we should take a more controlled approach toward growth.
It is worth noting that the only sector that has actually reached this point is the service sector, however, the sector takes up a monstrous 78% of the economy and it is assured the rest will follow sooner or later.
Secretary Ed Balls said: “This is no time to make complacent claims that the economy is fixed.”
Indeed, we are still on the long road to recovery, which may take years still.

Factors such as population growth mean that per head, we are still poorer than we were in 2008.
Although this may not be the time to lay down our mice and rejoice, the fact that we are making such a fast recovery is an subject of pride to any member of society that has toiled to earn back money, space and happiness.
The relationship between the economic state of a nation and it’s citizen’s quality of life suggests that soon, we will begin to feel the recovery in our wallets, there will be declines in many crimes and some mental illnesses such as depression, which are always positive to society.

The main reason for recovering from recession

UK recovering from resession - Business district Canary wharfThis recovery is due to increases in export, more efficient business and generally optimised conduction over the way the country runs.
Companies, both national and international, have been creating jobs which bring valuable circulation to the heart of the economy.
The global financial crisis of 2008 is considered the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
It resulted in the threat of collapse to many massive businesses and the closure of thousands of small and medium sized business, both independent and dependant upon larger umbrella cooperations.

recovering from recession also known as the The second Great Depression!!!

It is generally considered that the bursting of a U.S housing bubble in 2006 laid seeds for the later crisis.
It lead to the 2008 onwards global recession which has been dubbed by some as “The second Great Depression”.
The liquidation of several large companies sent unemployment higher than usual, causing strain to national support systems across all affected nations and pressuring many families to the point of breaking.
I, for one, am glad that it’s all coming to a close.

On the public view of immigration

What is the the public view of immigration ?

While some see progress toward equality in our modern times, other’s can’t.
I was in a bar a few weeks ago, when from behind i hear the slurred, drunken words of an angry man, claiming that the “Polish had stolen all ‘our’ work, that they aren’t welcome here in the UK”.
For 10 minutes, he pushes his points in a disorganised fashion, spilling larger as he gestures dramatically. He had a lot of anger toward this ‘Polish workforce’.
Is that all they are? A workforce?
Of course, it would be ridiculous to assume that everyone with that view was a steaming drunk, the reality is that there is no such thing as ‘a racist’, as much as there is a single dimension to anyone. Perhaps we are beginning to forget that. In the same way, nobody can singularly identify as being ‘English’ or “Indian”, they possess qualities that far exceed their nationality or creed, which is part, but not all of them.
Immigration through both open borders in the E.U and closed through international areas has allowed many cultural and ethnic minorities access to the United Kingdoms.
13% of the British population possess a separate ethnicity to ‘white’. However, only 1.6% of the population are immigrants from Eastern Europe.
I think that the way to curve racism in this country is to simply break down the illusion of ‘the Polish workforce’ or the ‘Chinese immigrants’.
There is no ‘us and them’.
There are indeed immigrants who have a negative view of the native population; less, but the process works both ways. After all, there are some facts that we must all accept.
Right now,  the flow of immigration into our country, people who are screened and accepted as safe, genuine and hard working human beings are allowed in to work and succeed.
Of course, voting for a party which would leave the E.U would curb this, but herein lies the second, and most important point…
They are already with us.
The ‘immigrants’ that some people cite as the cause of a plethora of socio-economic issues are citizens of our country, just like us.
In no civil society could we deport someone who has earned citizenship, someone who contributes to our country, because they sport a different nationality.
Would we..?
Let’s remember that as of July, we have escaped recession. We’re improving as a collective nation.

Negative public view of immigration

To those who have anti-immigration views, please understand that although you may think this whole article perhaps, too simplistic, let me propose something…
Our country is growing, hopefully, it will continue to into the future.
Get to know your neighbours, not in the sense of housing, but in the sense that we all live in the same backyard. We see each other every day. Accept, fully, they are exactly the same as you, they work, they go home to a loving family. Some make mistakes, many don’t.
Schoolchildren who school in multicultural areas are, by the majority, pro-immigration and very accepting of those cultures.
That’s because they know the people on a human level.
The worst thing we can do is draw lines within a country which faces so many external struggles and debates; the best thing to do is to unite together and work as a unit to improve conditions for us all and ultimately grow our nation into further prosper and success.

Home Office Visa Regulation changes

The class of 2014 have graduated and many are now looking for employment. For students with immigration status, the job search is a more arduous task as they have to navigate through complicated immigration paperwork to remain in the country in which they studied. In the UK, one route is applying for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa. The purpose of the visa is to allow foreign nationals to remain in the country, so they can start their own business. Recent foreign national graduates are eligible for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, as well. However, Immigration Minister James Brokeshire announced that the Home Office suspected that recent graduates are using the visa without the purpose of starting a business.

According to Brokeshire and the Home Office, there is evidence that foreign national graduates are transferring from Tier 4 (Student) visas to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) in order to stay in the UK. Although they hold a visa which gives them entrepreneurial power, the visa holders are actually working with another employer and not running a business. In an effort to crack down fraud visa acquisition, the Home Office is placing stricter regulations on application process of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas.

The visa frauds were uncovered when inspections were made on tax records. According to the records, some Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa holders were not managing their own business, but they were working for another employer. These activities are against the requirements to hold a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

In order to apply for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, applicants must submit a business plan to prove eligibility. However, some of these business plans were proven to be false, according to the government’s close inspections. In addition, these bogus business plans did not meet the investment requirements necessary to qualify for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

Now, if one wants to obtain a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, the applicant must meet specific guidelines in order to qualify. These guidelines are more strict in order to stop applicants who have no intentions of running a business. The document regarding the changes was published on July 10th, 2014. The changes were initiated on the next day, July 11th, 2014.

The surge of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa frauds was a result of the closing of Tier 1 (Post Study Work)
visa that occurred on 2012. Before the closure of the visa, foreign national students were allowed to stay in the UK by transferring from Tier 4 (Student) visa status to Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa. This gave the recent graduates an opportunity to stay in the UK and work for 2 years.

The closure of the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa was decided by the Coalition government in order to decrease the net immigration in the UK. Hence, in April 6th, 2012, applications for the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa was no longer being accepted. Nevertheless, the visa lasted for 2 years, so visas that were still active before the closure of the visa would remain valid for the rest of the duration.

The Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa was a useful resource for immigrant students. After their graduation from a UK university, those who held a Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa were allowed to stay without the

sponsorship by a licenced employer. The visa also gave them the benefit of setting up their business that Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas already provided.

It was definitely important for recent graduates who were seeking to stay in the UK as the visa afforded ample time to graduates to seek permanent employment. If the recent graduates were able to receive sponsorship from a licensed sponsor, the graduate would qualify for a Tier 2 (General) visa. By acquiring the visa, the employee would be allowed to stay in the UK for 5 years and 14 days.

This system had a positive impact in immigration retention. However, it was not conducive to the Coalition government’s goal in decreasing net immigration. Therefore, reform was made to stop recent graduates who are of foreign national origin from remaining in the UK. By eliminating the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa, the Coalition government hoped that foreign national graduates would be forced to return to their country.

Their expected result was not the case as many have routed their efforts to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas in order to stay in the UK.

The strict regulation and guidelines of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa was immediately implemented in order to deter a surge of applicants. They predict that a sudden surge of applications would occur if a 21 days notice was given. The immediate closure of the visa was performed to shut the doors, before an applicant can quickly take benefits of the lenient regulations which will not be available after the 11th of July.

The surge was predicted after a similar event occurred after the closure of the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa. When the government gave a 21 day notice of the visa’s closure, 3,000 applications were submitted before the closure occurred. Therefore, the government predicted that applicants for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa would increase. The sudden implementation of the strict regulations were immediately executed with the hopes that they can avoid foreign national students from taking advantage of the lenient regulation of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

Although the intention of government’s decision was stop to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa fraudulence, the phenomenon was merely a consequence of the government’s efforts to stop the increase of immigration retention in the UK. By closing the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa, recent graduates were forced to take other measures in order to secure their place in the country. Therefore, the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa incident was part of a domino effect, caused by UK immigration efforts to deter foreign nationals from staying in the country.

deportation process UK and human rights

 Eric Erron Johnson, a convicted killer, was set to be deported from the UK, but a judge ruled that his deportation would be in violation of human rights. Despite the criminal’s series of serious offences, the judge stated that his deportation would be in violation of established human rights laws.

Johnson, 29, was only 4 years old when he first came to the UK. His father, who was from London, had an affair with his mother, who was Jamaican. Johnson’s parents never married. Afterwards, Johnson was brought to the country by his father. Johnson stayed with his father, his father’s wife, and half siblings. He had only seen his mother once, when he visited Jamaica at the age of 9. On March 1992, he was granted an indefinite leave to stay in the UK.

In August 2008, Johnson was convicted of manslaughter. Johnson killed a man by means of a wooden object which he used to hit and stab the victim. He claimed that he was acting in self defense, but his testimony was deemed false. The judge also described Johnson as a commercial dealer of class A drugs. Adding to his heavy criminal record, Johnson has a five year criminal record with serious offences dating back to 2003 when he was at the age of 18.

Following the court’s decision, the Home Office initiated their efforts to deport Johnson back to Jamaica on March 2011. Previously, Johnson and his father had never file for his citizenship before he was 18. Hence, the Home Office stated he was not a citizen and the evidence gave weight on their decision to deport Johnson and an obligation for the public good.

Justice Dingeman opposed the Home Office’s decision to deport Johnson, because the decision would violate Article 8 and 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). Respectively, the two articles of the ECHR state his right to a private and family life and protection from discrimination.

Article 8 reads that everyone “has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.” The article continues that there “shall be no interference by a public authority of the exercise of his right.” The only exception would be if he is a threat to national security, public safety, economic well­being, the health of others, and the protection of other people’s rights.

From article 8, it would seem reasonable to deport Johnson, since one can claim that he is a threat to public safety, but this is not necessarily so and Article 14 continues that this would be a form of discrimination. The article states that his enjoyment of human rights should not be interfered by discrimination based on sex, race, color, language, and “national or social origin.”

Dingeman applied the article to Johnson’s case, stating that Johnson’s deportation would not acknowledge his paternal link to his father, despite that he was born out of wedlock. His expulsion based on his national origin would be a form of discrimination as the decision would

not consider his paternal link as a basis for his citizenship and right to stay in the UK. Ultimately, his deportation would be established under human rights violations.

Nevertheless, the Home Office certified that Johnson’s human rights claim was “clearly unfounded.” Still, Dingeman squashed their decision and said that further consideration should be made.

Dingeman said that he would be open to an immigration tribunal in order to determine a final decision regarding Johnson’s human rights claim. This tribunal will serve to conclude that Johnson indeed should not be deported based on his paternal link. His relationship to his father should be used against his deportation process, according to Article 8 and 14. Dingeman states that this link and his right should be upheld.

The tribunal will make a close examination on Johnson’s rights and the weight of his paternal link as a means to stop his deportation. If successful, the appeal will invalidate the Home Office’s decline to cancel his deportation.

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  3. I don’t know how to study, I haven’t studied in a long while, my study technique is rusty !. I Failed 4 times !. I’ve never been good at studies. I get anxious and stressed out when I study, especially when I can’t remember what I studied and when I don’t do well on practice tests !!!
  4. Above all you keep worrying and getting anxious and stressed out about postponing the test and worrying about the Life changing implications of this Test !!!

All these are valid reasons, but that is NOT going to help you, to become a British Citizen ! Maybe this has happened to you before, when you had to study for another exam or when you had to complete that annoying project. If you are interested in knowing why this happens, then the 2 major reasons are incorrect study technique and lack of confidence. We ALL lack confidence at times and in unfamiliar areas.

**** These are Some of the requests we get on a regular basis !!! *****

Life in the UK test Multiple Choice Questions Exam“Please I desperately want to pass the life in the UK test! but I don't know how to go about it. 
Please what can I do?“

“Hello I'm in need of ur help!  how to pass the life in the UK exam pls help me.
Canalita J”

“Hi James my wife failed the first test I would like to know how can you help her to pass please, thanks”

“I was feeling so anxious during that time because the computer was not working properly at my 
test centre and I failed. Can you please help ?”

“I failed my test five weeks ago by two answers. I have been reading the book and practising 
hard ever since. Ive booked another test but I am still worried. My practice results 
go up and down no matter how much i practise and read the  book. The more anxious 
I get the worse I perform. what can i do? thank you pls respond.”

“I am currently averaging only 50% in final test compared to 90% in the practice test.
chapter 3 seems to be my main problem.Can you help.”

******* So here is the Proven solution to your problem ******

We will train you for the Life in the UK test, using the best teachers. No Stress, No Strain for you, just very pleasant study sessions and a Pass at the end!

  1. We will teach you until you Pass ! So once you are on this course you are 100%  guaranteed to Pass!!!.
  2. Ready for the test in just 5 Hours – Quick and Easy Time saving preparation – We will tech you in the most effective and productive way, using the best teaching techniques to build up your confidence.
  3. Increase your chances of remembering the facts and passing – We will give you the best teachers, who have themselves passed the Life in the UK test.
  4. Make it Easy and Fun to study – We will give you the Best resources and flexible individual instruction, in a group setting where you can benefit from the interaction with fellow students. Research has shown that, group study, to be one of the most effective and least stressful ways to learn.

How much does it cost ?

feedback and testimonials from people who passed the testThis is Private one to one (1-to-1) coaching!!!. Usually a training program like this will cost upwards of £350 (Usually around £450)!!!, BUT since you are already with us, The Total cost for you is ONLY £100 for the whole course  !!!. This is a one off payment, not a Monthly payment !!!. To make this training accessible to all, we are charging only £100 per participant for the whole course !!!. Yes read that again ! it’s ONLY £100 for the whole course!!! for full training. For some of you this may be cheaper than what you would pay to get to the test centre!!!. These are LIVE, one on one training sessions, not recorded sessions or videos !. You can pay below via Paypal (this is the most secure and the best way to pay, you don’t need to have a paypal account).

For Immediate Access

You can schedule and attend classes at a time convenient for you (and at a time that I am available!). You can ask as many questions as you want. We will teach you until you pass. You can take classes from where ever you are (Home, Office, even while when you are abroad on holiday !) These classes will be conducted online via the Internet using Skype. So the only requirement is an Internet connection.

Now you don’t have to feel that you are all on your own, when studying for the Life in the UK test.

Even If you have failed the test Repeatedly !!! this training can help you PASS on your next Attempt ! So don’t loose another £50 by failing the test again !.

**** Some of the success stories ******

the union jack

"Hi James sorry for the delay in mailing you.....
I passed the exam by the grace of God as all the questions were from what you taught me within the 5 hours !!!
and I did not even had time to go through. ....all the spare time was spent on
revisions of whatever you taught me. .....Thank you very much for the time spent
with me to teach me at my convenience. ...god bless"

"Dear James,
Thank you very much ! Today I did my exam in 4 minutes. 
your training was very helpful to build up my confidence.
After the exam I found that I was the only person who had passed the test
out of 9 candidates!!!,  some of them appeared 2nd and some 3rd time and was
very upset, I have recommended your training to them as well.

I knew after practicing every day, the test was so easy for
me that's why I finished it so quickly. Once again thank you very much.
Many Regards,
“I just want to say a very big thank you. Your training was very
helpful! and much easier than reading the boring “life in the UK book”! You helped to 
build up my confidence which enabled me to sit for the test without the fear of failing. 

I also encourage other people who are planing to sit for the test to use this training. 
Thank you so much!”
“Dear James,
          Thank you very much for your online training. 4 weeks before my test date 
I started your training to build up my confidence. At test centre after the exam 
I  found out some of the test takers had failed and looked upset!. 
I try to recommend your training to anyone.
          Passing with the PERFECT SCORE during my exam.... amazing feeling  
for me that was the perfect highlight of my life. Once again thank you!. 
many regards,

From: Marsha W 
Subject: Passed my text 
Hi Team, thanks for this training! it helped me to prepare for my exams and 
I finished within 5 minutes and passed. This was a very big help as 
I have a young baby and needed to get the studies done in less time. 
Thanks again. Keep up the good work.


This offer is available only for a very Limited time, but usually we sell out quickly so book your place NOW !!! before it’s too late ! Get Instant Access…

(If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select the option to pay using a debit or credit card.)

Successful people take steps before they’re totally ready because they know that there will NEVER be a perfect time where you have nothing else on your plate. So they make time. The great news is that simply by being one of my readers, you’ve already been doing more than most people ever do.


ps: Cost of this training is ONLY £100 and it will help you PASS the Life in the UK test in just 5 hours.

If you are curious about how I got back home after the test… from all the people who offered to give me a lift home, I chose the person who lived the closest to my place, and he turned out to be a very successful young entrepreneur, who drove a nice BMW 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions
Would these same question as in the course at
come in the final test?

We teach you every possible fact (from the official book) that can be asked in the test
so you will not get anything in the final test that we have not covered in the course
it’s very detailed and thorough, but done in just 5 hours


Question:  so are the 5 hours taken in one go?or we can break it and study in 1 hour sessions?

Answer : you can have 5 lessons, each 1hour long (this is what we prefer) or you can have 2 hour lessons.


Question:  can you give me guarantee to pass?

Answer : We teach you until you Pass! no one who did the course has failed so far!


Question: Are you going to help me not to forget those information?
Answer : Of course, we are going to help you remember everything that you would need to know from the book! As we have done with 1000s of others before you.
Question: “Is what you teach, enough for me to Pass? The book has a lot of information!”
Answer : Yes we cover all chapters and every fact from the book, but with our method you will remember what you studied and you will Pass the Test 🙂
Question: “do u think in 5 days i will be ok? i read da book but i cant remember anything.thats why i failed”
Answer : sorry to hear that! but this is what happened to all who failed! and that’s why you need our help!!! When you read the official book, by the time they reach the end, you will not remember a thing 🙁
we teach you really thoroughly using our Easy to remember tested system ( )Our study system will prepare you for the test in just 5 hours. Here are some of the people who Passed today!
Question:do u think i will pass?
Answer : Yes, if you study with us and follow our system you will Pass
Question:do i hv to read da book?
Answer : No you do not need to read the Official book!

Question:Just to let u know James it’s hard for me to read the whole book becaz of the baby so m just reading what you gave me.. Is it ok??
Answer : You do not need to read the Official book! just read what we gave you!

Question: James I Passed! I have kids and family, How can I thank you?
Answer : Congratulations 🙂 you can always tell your friends about us so that they too will benefit 🙂


Question : I’ve been practising online but not so confident to take the test yet

James : That is quite common! that’s why we have this training program


Question : Am absolutely it the same as the once in the email?

James : That’s what many think because we have offered training for 8 years now, but this training is significantly DIFFERENT from our free Email couse! Of couse we use the material from the same Official book, but the way we prepare you in Private training ( is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT! Also This is private one to one tuition 🙂 with myself (James)


Question : Ok so assuming I pay now i can start ASAP?

James : Yes


Question : Sorry am asking too many questions – just that, i ve payed £230 (to some other company) just for my ESOL course. Which i ve been advised is not worth it. I dnt want it happing again.hope understand?

James : No problem, Ask as many questions as you like 🙂 , no need to apologise 🙂 Also our course is ONLY £100 for the full course! If you have more question please email me ( or skype (

If you have any questions please Call me on 02070971422

Terms and Conditions here


Question : I want to start my life in the uk ASAP pls, i ve read and done a little bit of the online test but am not quite sure if am ready. When can i start the course pls?

James : You can start as soon as you like


Question : I can only Skype on my phone & is a bit small is that ok?

James : Absolutely, you can study using almost any phone!


Question : Is there any other form I could pay? As i dont want to give my card details

James : you don’t’ have to give your card details to me! it’s paid via paypal, which is the safest way used by millions of people like you, every day :). I will not have access to your card details also it’s secured with high security encryption


Question : I don’t have a PayPal – well I’ll find out and do it.

James : you don’t’ need a paypal account!, you can pay with any credit or a debit card, safely


Question : whats the guarantee that I’ll Pass the test?

James : no one who attended all sessions has ever failed, in the last 8 years, we have helped 1000s. Also it’s guaranteed because, we will get you ready in just 5 hours, if you fail (which you will not) we will train you until you Pass! This is the best course for Life in the UK test, and the best gurantee! Here are the results


Question : When do i start?

James : these are private one to one lessons, scheduled to suit your times. So we can start when ever you are free!


Question : as i need to be confident b4 i book the test

James : Absolutely spot on! that’s actually what we do very very effectivey


Question : Do i have to book the test or afterwards?

James : it’s better if you do the test soon after our course

Question :Do I need to pre read anything?
NO, absolutely not! I will provide everything!

Question :Do I need to take notes during lessons?
NO, it is better if you don’t make notes, because you will not be allowed to take notes into the test centre!

Question :Do I need pens, paper?
NO, why would you? the test is computer based!