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Millionaire Migration Patterns Revealed by Recent Study

A new report indicating the migration patterns of high earning individuals between 2003 and 2013 has been released. The report stated that the Britain, specifically the United Kingdom, has the largest number of inflow of high net worth individual. On the other hand, the largest number of outflow was from China. Moreover, due to the high number of wealthy people from Australia, the inflows of high net worth individuals from the Asia Pacific region increased.

According to the International Consultancy firm called the New World Wealth, “high net worth individuals” are those people who earn 1 million US dollars or more. They also stated that these high earning individuals total to up to 144,100. Most of these individuals came from Europe, India, and China. However, the countries in Russia, Africa, and the Middle East were also featured and mentioned in the report.

In first place came the United Kingdom with an inflow far higher than that of the Singapore who came in second place with a net inflow of 45,000. Most of the inflow in Singapore was from China, India, Indonesia, and Europe. Third place went to the United States of America (USA) with a net inflow of 42,400. This may be a drawback to the USA because their net inflow from previous records was astoundingly high due to the country being a destination of choice. Next in line was Australia who admitted a 22,200 net inflow. The bottom of the list included two countries which are Hong Kong with 19,700 net inflows mostly coming from China, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 10,100. This means that the Hong Kong and the UAE may not be a destination of choice for the past decade. But certain factors are still to be considered.

On the other hand, when it comes to the number of outflow, China dominated for the past decade. According to the report, 76,200 high net worth individuals emigrated from China and most of these emigrants went to Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Came in second place is India with 43,400 outflows wherein emigrants preferred Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States as their primary destinations. Next in line are the French millionaires. Furthermore, the report suggested that most people from Switzerland left their home due to them being declared as threats to their own country for tax purposes. These people were reported to migrate to Singapore, United Kingdom, or the UAE.

The report stated that currently, US got the top spot as the country with the highest number of millionaire citizens with it having over four million millionaires. It was followed by Japan with slightly above one million and then Britain with approximately 815,000 millionaires. By metropolis, the city with the highest number of high net worth individuals were from the United Kingdom with 339,200 millionaires followed by New York with 300,100 and then Tokyo with 226,500.

Based on the report, United Kingdom was the most preferred destination by numerous people in the world. It can then be concluded that this circumstance may be good for the UK but may also be a drawback for them due to a large number of individuals entering a limited location.

UK Employs Devious Means to Cut Immigration Total

The government, with the power to control the flow of the progress and development of a state or nation, makes changes or alterations to current standards with one primary objective – to improve the nation’s status quos. However, the processes carried out for these amendments may sometimes be unknown to the people of the nation. As a result, no one knows that the government has employed devious or treacherous actions just to show that the government is making some progress. As a result, harm may be inflicted to the society.

With all the immigration issues and problems of the United Kingdom, the UK’s Home Office is being pressured by the people to reduce the immigration number. However, in reality, the numbers are continuously rising. Due to this circumstance, the Home Office’s secretary was rumored to be making some moves for slight amendments in the Intra Company Transfer or Tier 2 visa. Although this action can cause immigration numbers to be reduced on documents, there will be no change when it comes to reality.

The main agenda of this rumored amendment is to change the maximum stay on the ICT visa from 12 months to only less than 12 months. As a result, the Home Office’s secretary will be able to remove 19,000 immigration figures from the documents since these people will no longer be classified as immigrants in UK therefore reducing the immigration figures. According to a UK Newspaper, this change was proposed by the constituents of the Home Office to reduce the immigration figures. What will really happen after the approval of this amendment is that immigration figures will decrease only in documents but not in papers proving that this proposal is only a treacherous approach just to gain the trust and faith of the people.

Furthermore, according to a businessman Neil Carberry, the proposed change is against the progress of businesses in UK. He also added that UK is a place that welcomes highly skilled people and that the proposal will hinder it.

The previous government made attempts to reduce the high immigration total of UK. Before the main general election in 2010, Mr. Cameron assured the people that he will be reducing the immigration figures “to tens of thousands” per year. During the election, the battle between the opposing teams was tight but in the end, Mr. Cameron won and became the Prime Minister. He focused on the reduction of immigration figures with specific objectives that include changes and amendments. In 2012, the immigration figures really did decreased by over 100,000. However, since then, the figures hardly decreased anymore due to two primary reasons: the government cannot control the massive numbers of European citizens migrating to UK, and few people are leaving UK due to the nation’s successes during the early periods. As a result, the attempts and assurances of Mr. Cameron about the reduction of immigration figures were called “total failures” by the people.

As long as they have the power, the government will do their utmost best to relieve the bad condition of the nation. However, if what they do is to make treacherous and deceitful action just to preserve the faith of people in them, no progress will really happen. Instead, drawback will be experienced.



How UK Law Ties Immigrant Domestic Workers to Their Abusive Employers

Slavery is the act of buying or selling someone to forcefully work. People undergoing slavery are called slaves and whose wills are held against them from time to time. Currently, slavery is seen as a widespread system during the primitive ages. However, based on investigations, evidences, testimonies, and confessions, slavery is still being stealthily carried out by certain countries.

The United Kingdom, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, is being run by an organized and well-functioning government- the Parliamentary. In spite of it, the government still cannot see flaws and holes within their system that cause surreptitious harm not only to itself, but also to the neighboring countries. Last November, numerous newspapers and tabloids caused a great revelation about the current status of domestic workers within the country. Three women reported that they have been subjected to domestic abuse from their employers. As a result, the people of the country were appalled that such wrongdoing could have been carried out unnoticed for so long in such a busy country.

Consequently, the idea of slavery in the 21st century sparked debates and arguments in England. Furthermore, supporters of the anti-slavery bill, which includes long term imprisonment for violators of anti-trafficking and forced labor, rose. Additionally, the spotlight of media is currently out of slavery cases causing its softer forms to flourish across London. Worst of all, the law allows these cases. The victims of such atrocity are domestic workers who were legally imported by their employers. However, their exploitation does not seem to be taken much care of since it is very important and necessary to the onward progress of the economy.

According to the results of the extensive investigation done by the Human Rights Watch, the exploitation of immigrant domestic workers in Britain has been backed and supported by the government. Although there is a law allowing the foreign nationals to bring their workers with them tied with rules and policies about their rights, these policies seem to reach only up until the doors of the employers.

Each year, there are about 15,000 migrant domestic workers that enter United Kingdom. However, there are a number of them who report that they are being abused by their employers, denied of their wages, and are even not allowed to go outside of their employer’s place.

The HRW also added that the immigrants suffer from very low wages or being unable to receive any at all, very long working hours without any rest, physical and mental abuse, imprisonment to home, and the confiscation of their visas. As a result, the UK authorities were shocked about the occurrence of these cases.

The UK adopts a law similar to that of the Kafala system of Saudi Arabia which have been condemned by politicians for it allows the violation of human rights of domestic workers. Furthermore, for a victim to be relieved of domestic abuse, he has to undergo several processes which he may see as an ineffective one. Ultimately, the current laws of UK are burdens to victims of domestic abuse. Instead of being a weapon for them, it becomes a weapon for the abusers.





UK No longer Promised Land for Ugandans

When people believe that they are in trouble or they need help, one of their best choices is to seek help from their family and friends. Similarly, when a country needs help, its neighbouring or allied countries will most likely be the one to provide the need. The United Kingdom is believed to be the Promised Land for Ugandans since the Ugandans can seek help from the UK whenever they need it. However, this belief is currently being devoured by recent happenings and unfortunate events in UK.

According to the Asylum Seekers and Refugees Convention, anyone who believes that he is being politically, religiously, or racially abused, he can seek the help of other countries. This help comes in the form of protection. Notably, the recent celebration of Uganda’s 51st independence anniversary in UK proved to be successful since refugees from Uganda helped by UK are among those who were addressed in Manchester.

Though being taken care of, the Ugandan refugees are believed to be unpredictable for no one knows what they commit outside of the Immigration Office where they prove themselves to be protection-deserving. However, the Immigration Office may deserve the blame for treating these refugees up to the point of spoiling them. This dysfunctional office provides diplomatic passports to refugees who in reality are drug and human traffickers. Furthermore, they also appoint some of them to positions crucial to the operation of the office. As a result, the department becomes more dysfunctional. Fortunately, the Internal Affairs Minister pushed actions to retrain the staffs.

The inefficiency of the Immigration Office also led to the coming of massive asylum seekers and refugees into the country. These immigrants even include criminals and numerous jobless Ugandans who are not recognised by the Convention. Consequently, the high commission is having problems about their assigned departments taking care of the refugees who are the ones committing actions against them. Evidences also suggest that some of these immigrants travel on illegal routes, an act of violation.

Some even allegedly commit wrongdoings just to be accepted as refugees by the United Kingdom. The asylum seekers falsely suggest that they are being tortured, abused, and murdered in their own country. As a result, the high commission focus on providing welfare to these people instead of using the funds to improve the progress and development of the country. There is also an instance wherein a Ugandan woman married three UK nationals just to extend the benefits she will receive. Under three different identities, she married three different men to formalize her citizenship in the UK and also to receive three different benefits.

Another example is when some Ugandan men were jailed over falsely claiming 4 million pounds as benefits.

Currently, both the government and the asylum seekers are suffering from these events. For being unable to maintain an organized and well-functioning system, the government may suffer serious problems. On the other hand, for betraying the trust of the care givers, the asylum seekers may experience doors of hope closing before them. Furthermore, the UK government is pushing actions against massive cases of immigration.


MUCH Tougher requirements for the British Citizenship

From the 28 October 2013, The Home Office is introducing much tougher requirements for migrants who wish to settle in the UK, or to become naturalized as British citizens.

All applicants are required to demonstrate

1. standard Knowledge Of Language and

2. Life in the UK (the KOLL requirement).

From 28 October 2013, all applicants in both categories will be required to pass both the Life in the UK (LITUK) Test and to hold a B1 (intermediate) level English language speaking and listening qualification, or its equivalent. This change is aimed to strengthen the citizenship process, ensuring that migrants are ready and able to successfully integrate into British Society.
The Knowledge of Language and Life Requirement for Settlement (Indefinite leave to remain)
After having lived legally in the UK for a certain length of time, migrants can apply for settlement. However, there are two requirements that must be met by all applicants unless the individual is exempt.

Applicants will be required to:
1. Pass the Life in the UK test; and
2. Have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR (intermediate level) or higher, or its equivalent.

The Knowledge of Language and Life Requirement for Naturalisation
The KoLL requirement for naturalisation as a British citizen will be the same as that for settlement, and the same English language qualifications will be accepted.

English Language Qualifications
A range of English language qualifications will be accepted as evidence that an applicant has met the B1 level speaking and listening standards.

These include:
1. Qualifications covering speaking and listening at B1 or above from the Home Office’s Secure English Language Test (SELT) list.

2. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) speaking and listening qualifications at entry level 1, 2, 3. All qualifications must have been regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). The qualification must be listed as an ESOL qualification on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications and must have been taken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

3. A National Qualification in ESOL at Scottish Qualifications Framework levels 4, 5 or 6, awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and taken in Scotland.

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