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Racket on deportation: Nigerian High Commission in the United Kingdom is being asked to be probed by the Federal Government

…fears that Nigerians numbering 500 are to be repatriated illegally
Igho Akeregha the Civil Liberties Organisation’s National President has requested President Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of urgency get the activities of the London High Commission of the country probed with regards to an intended expulsion on November 24, 2015 from the United Kingdom of 500 Nigerians.
Akeregha stated this yesterday while he was speaking in Lagos during a briefing to the media, that the Civil Liberties Organisation had reason to have the belief that a lot of the Nigerians that are going to be deported on Tuesday were casualties of the deceitful dealings of a group supposedly comprising of corrupt immigration officers of Nigeria and their overseas collaborators in the United Kingdom office of the embassy of Nigeria.
The CLO president stated that there was the need to have the attention of the CG, Controller General, of Customs, Immigration, President Buhari, and other officers that are relevant at the entry points of the country to the noxious and wicked plans by United Kingdom based authorities and officials that are corrupt in the High Commission of Nigeria in the United Kingdom to on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 illegally deport quite a number of Nigerians.
Although an acknowledgement was made by Akherega to countries’ rights to have unlawful immigrants who were constituting nuisance inside their regions to be repatriated, he stated emphatically that transparency and due process must be followed whenever such actions were to be done.
The Civil Liberties Organisation stated that is was especially annoyed that at the Nigerian High Commission in London a particular deputy immigration attaché was linked allegedly to the fraud and corruption in the Nigerians’ unlawful deportations. The allegation is that the official is deemed to skim off the 3,000 pounds sterling provided for by the United Kingdom authorities on each deportee as a way to reduce any of the deportees sufferings. The CLO stated that the stealing of the money was being performed in active cooperation with a couple of the officials of the United Kingdom.
Aside from getting deportees short changed of their money, the official who is a female (name withheld) is equally accused of going to extra miles to have unwary immigrants in the United Kingdom lured into a trap in which they get taken hold off and extradited to Nigeria straight away while the money that had been allotted to the unfortunate person that is so repatriated gets taken by her.
The president of the CLO added that there were occasions in which immigrants whose papers had expired or whose documentations had hitches which were minor and were awaiting correction from the right agencies in the United Kingdom were turned into victims.
Sunday Mirror discovered that these events were being heavily scrutinized by the Chairman of the TCLP, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, in the United Kingdom Alexia Thomas. As a result of his activism, an international airline which belongs to Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic, discontinued the venture of having Nigerians repatriated from the United Kingdom.
The government is being urged by the CLO to have any airliner detained which brings back Nigerians numbering 500 into the country so that the matter can be thoroughly investigated.

Home Office NHS records Illegal immigrants

Using NHS records to catch illegal immigrants

Britain’s Home Office has been granted access to data to British medical records from the National Health Service (NHS), a report published on Sunday in British daily The Guardian.  It has been revealed that the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) had been retrieving the records of more than 6,900 illegal or undocumented immigrants since 2010 – a step up in protecting Britain’s borders.  They believe that this could be part of the solution of the ongoing illegal immigration problems.

Home Office Accessing NHS records to find Illegal immigrants using The little known exemption to the Data Protection Law

But by law, British medical records are protected by a privacy act which restricts access to anyone without a court order ; then again, new facts has surfaced that the UKVI can now access to patient’s personal information without a court order which allows them additional data on tracking down over stayers.  It is clear that they have applied for an exemption to the law in this case.

It is also reported that the British police forces and the National Crime Agency has the same access to this sensitive data for the purpose of curbing criminality.  They will use the data to chase undesirable individuals who pose a threat public safety and national security.  But, by enforcing this policy, undocumented immigrants who are victims or witnesses of crimes themselves must be able to call police assistance without the fear of being reported to and detained by immigration.  There must be no barrier between the police and the public no matter what their immigration status is. Criminals, who know their victims’ immigration status, know that they are unlikely to call the police, therefore, creating a window of opportunity.

Home Office accessing NHS records to Catch Illegal immigrantsHowever, the exposés have raised questions involving rights of privacy of patients and migrants.  Rights groups fear that certain rights might be violated, adding that criminals might also take advantage of this new policy.  The use of this new procedure in the keeping of details is not just a breach of privacy; it completely violates migrants’ human rights they say.  Immigration has a legal obligation to enforce immigration laws; however, it shouldn’t violate migrant’s right. On the other hand, it will only drive migrants into further hiding which shouldn’t be the case as this pose a serious health risk. With the illegal immigration problem on the rise, they stressed that this is the better option.

The chief executive of the Patients Association – Katherine Murphy, also raised her concern over the new immigration policy which granted them access to data from NHS, saying that this could dissuade people from seeking medical services for themselves and their families adding that this could pose an alarming health risk.

Furthermore, Murphy added that children will be the most affected if parents refuse medical treatment when they are ill, fearing that their personal information might be disclosed to immigration and other agencies concerned.

It later related that they made access to more than 12,500 medical records of patients from the NHS between July 2010 and December 2013.

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Ebola Panic UK

Suspected Ebola Panic At Airport

News has emerged that an asylum seeker from Liberia could perhaps have been carrying the lethal Ebola virus.

The man had began to develop Ebola-like symptoms while waiting for an immigration centre to process his request just days after his arrival into Britain.

The man was isolated by staff, who performed tests upon him. He was not carrying the virus.

The threat is considered incredibly dangerous by the UK government, who have expressed huge concern over the issue, telling doctors to ‘be vigilant’ and pay attention toward the issue and it’s possible victims.

The event has cast doubt as to the security of the British borders during this time of emergency that has been called over the dangers that this present, with 60% of those who contract it dying, it is incredibly powerful, and due to the fact that it is a viral in nature, very hard to defeat.

Ebola Panic UK

Immigrants who share nationalities of those countries who are known to be carrying the pathogen should expect to be taken in extreme caution due the situation at hand, which has prompted border staff to call to attention the fact that they have not been trained in how to deal with cases which have suspected deadly viruses involved.

Members reached out to their union for advice on the situation, but found nothing.

As of writing, 1300 people have become infected by the Ebola epidemic.

700 of which have died.

Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have registered cases which resulted in death.

Concern has been raised as to the state of infection within Nigeria, where rumours of infection and death have spread.

Professor Peter Pilot, who was one of people to discover the virus, said that the likelihood of infection was “very, very low”.

this is not a very contagious infection, you need close contact with someone who is really ill or who died from it”— “for border agents there is no problem that i can see.”

He said the issue was with health workers, who would be dealing with those infected in the later stages.

Border staff were given a 2 page ‘common sense’ briefing document which did not contain much more than plain symptoms

Staff want more detail, with the lack of general understanding of the germ causing large amounts of concern.

Pilot suggested that those who were of a serious risk of infecting others would have been in no way capable of international travel, being too ill and in too much pain.

He said that if any were at risk, it would not be those at the frontier of the country.


high risk Visa applicants

UK deters applicants

A new policy introduces mandatory interviews for potential students who seek Visas from ‘high risk’ countries

This comes after a plethora of ‘substandard’ cases of Visa application were unearthed by the a watchdog. Investigation into these cases resulted in findings that over 30% of cases lacked legitimacy under thorough scrutiny.

The government will launch this system at the end of the month, forcing thousands of students to travel to UK centres where their case, intentions and plans will come under intense questioning.

This is in further effort to reduce the amount of fraudulent cases of government-sponsored financial support, which is very high, and has been put PM David Cameron under intense pressure to calm the swelling of the situation.

His plans to reduce immigration by the “tens of thousands” has begun to take shape as new policies make news regularly.

Cameron has been subject to flak from MP Ed Miliband for not acting fast enough about the issue.

A spokesperson for the scheme suggested there would be perhaps 14,000 interviews this year.

He went further, saying that “dedicated students” would not be affected; more average students who were not fully committed toward the idea of seeking education in Britain, which is becoming harsher on immigration.

Officers will have the power to deny applications after the interview, as long as they provide fair reason as to why they have taken the action.

High risk Visa applicantsWhich countries have been targeted?

It is predicted that the system will be placed into parts of the world such as the Indian subcontinent, some parts of Asia as well as Middle Eastern countries and some countries in Africa. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nigeria and the Philippines will be affected!

Some pilot studies have shown large rates of rejection, with Burma being the highest, along with Nigeria, India and Bangladesh, all of which summed to roughly a 60% rate of Visa rejection.

Many students who aim to reach a place of higher education within Britain have shown concern and ultimately disinterest toward not only the policy, but in a large amount of cases, rejection of British education due to feelings that the process would take too long, or that they are beginning to feel unwelcome.

Controversy toward the issue is mainly directed toward the fact that only selected states are subject to interview, leading to many feeling that their nationality may be the deciding factor in the quality of their education, instead of intelligence or drive.

There are several countries who have been granted immunity toward this policy:

Argentina, Brunei, Chile, Croatia, South Korea and Taiwan to name a few.

A British spokesperson said that they were open to students, yet they must have a clear set reason and goal as to being in the country; that they did not want people to enter the country, leave education and find themselves claiming unemployment benefits.

A huge Visa crackdown has been the recent flagship of Cameron’s new effort to gain voters back from opposing parties Labour and UKIP, both of which have been gaining lost voters due to differing polices and views.

Photo by West Midlands Police

High UK Visa Rejection Rate

Harsher Visas stump students

Britain yet again tightens it’s grip around immigration, international students recoil.
As of November, Great Britain will harden the shell of it’s countries further, shaving the education of many valued international immigrants who make up a large percentage of the schooling system’s economical worth.

Decisions within the government have ruled that places of higher education such as universities and colleges who sponsor non European Union international students will have to strengthen their choices of risk losing an important title.

The Highly Trusted Sponsor is a title which allows schools to offer scholarships to international students of potential. At this moment, an institution may don the title if the rate of Visa rejection is 20% or less.

Main Reasons for High UK Visa Rejection Rate

Visa rejection may be due to many reasons, ranging from suspicious activity to lack of documents to a weak story as to why they are applying.
From November, the percentage of rejection must be no more than 10%. UK higher education exports were worth £10 billion as of 2011-12.
We can expect to see that figure drop dramatically as students around the world slowly seem to be changing their minds about scholarship within Britain.
London alone has over 100,000 international students living within it’s quarters.

This comes in a time of great change for Britain, where a determined government aims to change the way the borders of the country work completely.

High UK Visa Rejection RateTeresa may commented that the government will:
“Make British a less attractive place for those who come here for the wrong reasons.”
However, an inefficient system has of late, began to show how deeply the cracks lie within the fractured system of deciding who to keep and who to reject.
The international (non EU) tuition contribution is worth upwards of £3 billion, which is roughly 30% of tuition in total.
Being such a large percentage of what is a sector which is regularly criticised for being underpaid due to budget cuts, many have expressed concern as to whether parliament considered the true implications of this situation as fully as it could have when it began the process.

Is Britain becoming a place that is harsher to immigrants?
Or is this just par for the course as we reform our country?

There is stacking evidence that suggests that international individuals and families that would have first considered immigrating have now been staved off for many reasons which have recently emerged from both the populace and parliament. Accusations of bias, harshness and a changing way of running the country have been flowing through social networking.
However, we must remember, there are always issues when something as huge as a country attempts to reform a whole sector of the way it is run, backlash is inevitable. Look back into history and there has always been controversy toward acts such as this.
Is this different?

In a changing world, the government is attempting to answer to demands by voters. Are these actions too harsh?
We are certainly damaging both our economy, and social diversity. Only time will show the true repercussions of what seems currently to have been a self destructive move.

UK Losing Foreign talent

Why is the UK Losing Foreign talent and by how much?

Studies published today by officials have recorded a massive drop in international students and workers who have high levels of promise and education.
This comes as a result of much more exclusive Visa laws imparted within the last few years.
The exact drop was 39%, which is a massive amount to see, and predictions toward the harm this will impart on the UK economy are negative almost unilaterally.
This news leaves many businesses angry, as they rely heavily on well qualified people of international states, leading to concern whether these tighter non EU Visa laws are actually doing more harm than good.

The students produced by these countries are very highly held by prestigious business schools across the nation, who have noticed a differentiation in attendance that they find worrying as a large percentage of their attendance is foreign.

UK Losing Foreign talentMore work and effort to apply and receive a UK Visa have made the country less advertising toward external nations, with stricter regulations and policies making it very difficult for graduates to find employment after finishing school, something that for a long time was very easy due to the high level of qualification and skill these candidates tend to own after attending the schools.

Undoubtedly, events here will have a distinct imprint upon the recovering economy of the country, a worrying prospect after a triple dip recession, that we are now, while in recovery – losing potential moneymakers.
Furthermore, these transfers were good for international relations, as the newly qualified students would go on to work for sometimes massive international companies which would provide income to a large selection of nations.

The effect of talented foreigners leaving the UK

Many modern technology companies rely heavily on qualified international students which have graduated from the UK businesses schools to provide valuable services in many sectors.

This heavy hitting loss in the stream of these individuals could stress the companies who are involved as much as it is damaging the UK.
However, recent news of more streamlined Visa processing services, starting with China, may provide a way out for this downward spiral which we face although, damages has already been done toward the economy, leaving a bitter taste in many high level employers of profitable industries.
Commentaries on the issue highlight the general consensus within the business community that they are now losing a lot of potential along with many already highly talented workers that could be contributing heavily to the nation and international horizon.

Who is responsible?

The government imparted these harsher Visa policies in an effort to curb indecent behaviour and large losses that are accounted toward some immigrants.
Some may argue that the situation is unfair on those who had huge potential to succeed in the UK that have been undeservedly rejected by the border agencies.
However, others argue that this is part of the process which is still very flawed as it involves many new polices that were put forward within the last couple of years.
The situation presents many moral questions.

Is it fair to bias toward talented, qualified individuals in the immigration sector?

fast track UK Visa China

UK embassy fast tracks Chinese Visa service
As of August 11th 2014, the United Kingdom will be offering a 24 hour super high priority Visa service to Chinese citizens in an effort to boost the economy with high spending tourists.
The service is open to anybody who has prior travel in the United Kingdoms, United States of America, Canada or 22 of the E.U countries participating in the open border Schengen area, which allowed for open travel between the countries participating with a single common Visa.
The price of the service will be 600 pounds.

Why Fast Track UK Visa in China ?

The opening of 12 application centres across the country of China in an effort to make the system more accessible toward the whole population will no doubt boost the population of the service, which brought in £300,000,000 in 2012.
Last year, there was a huge 31% increase in Chinese applications, leading the government to see a potential goldmine of external income toward the country, as well as taking part in a friendly, reciprocating activity that will help heal the wounds from tensions such as disagreements toward policies in Syria and David Cameron’s visit to the Dali Lama, a Tibetan, whose country has been part of an ongoing struggle to avoid the Chinese influence that is being imparted upon the country.
fast track UK Visa ChinaAmong other changes designed to streamline the process, Chinese nationals will no longer need both an Irish and Uk Visa to enter the country, being able to access the country with one or the other.
High spenders contribute a significant portion of income in the UK, and as the world leaves recession, this income is only likely to go up, with more being spent on holidaying across the nation.
Eventually, the government plans to extend this service toward India, which is likely to be just as profitable as the country enters a new phase of it’s development, with huge income and trade boosting it’s economy by large amounts each year.
In 2012, 210,000 UK Visas were issued to Chinese citizens, highlighting the huge potential that the massive country has to help the UK pull itself faster out of recession and toward a larger tourism industry, which can be surprisingly profitable.
Overseas visitors spend about £20,000,000,000 each year in the country, surpassing crude oil output and agricultural export.
External and internal tourism combined is worth an estimated £127,000,000,000 and employs around 3 million. This is equivalent to around 9% of the UK’s GDP.
The sector grows at 3-4% per year, far exceeding many other industries in this growth capability.
Predictions suggest that this could grow larger as international interest and popularity increase.
This is positive for both the overwhelming economical gains as well as the stability it extends to the countries which frequently visit, providing a friendly bridge between countries which can smooth over scars.
This Visa program is the first of it’s kind, but we can expect to see many more of similar policies if this flagship is successful in it’s method.

sham marriages Crackdown rise

Sham marriages crackdown as registrars gain new power

It might be a well known fact by now that the United Kingdoms is coming down harshly on immigration regulations in all ways it can.
One of these ways is by potentially giving registrars the power to interrupt or otherwise break apart suspicious matrimonies as they happen.
This is a crackdown on an event dubbed the ‘sham marriage’, in which a British national will (usually for a fee) marry somebody in order to achieve a certain goal.
These are called ‘marriages of convenience’ as opposed to love or partnership.
While in itself, this event is not illegal, the act of taking part in order to deceive officials is.
It is considered a violation as it allows the spouse immigration rights and citizenship.
sham marriages  CrackdownThey have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with a steep incline in these events taking place.
In 2011, the UK Border Agency issued advice and guidelines to the clergy, which gave them power to decide not to marry a couple if the situation felt ‘suspicious’ or ‘wrong’.
As developed countries have imposed stricter guidelines, sham marriages have become a more and more effective method of gaining Visa into a nation.
As a result, this increase has caused serious concern due to the lack of security in the situations.
New legislation could allow more power to registrars, allowing them to interrupt marriages in progress, involving the police, who would proceed to possibly prosecute the suspicious potential spouse.
However, lack of effective methods which spot these sham marriages have resulted in many genuine marriages being interrupted by police, which one spokesperson said “damages community relations”.
The problem resides though, that although this process is very inefficient, with one claim suggesting 2 in 5 of these crackdowns are against genuine marriages, at this moment, there is no better system.
These decisions are open to influence by disposition of the clergy and others who have power to decide, and may result in inequality toward certain races if members are not properly checked.
There is no doubt that as the situation evolves, more efficient methods will be found and the system will be optimised.
But for now, there have been many documented cases of police arresting innocent people and ruining expensive and well attended marriages.
Nonetheless, the question remains;
Is this method acceptable, even if it is inefficient, as long as it prevents a certain amount of ‘fake marriages’?
As the government and immigration agencies pay this subject more attention, we will begin to see popular opinion toward the subject. Remember that even is 2 in 5 marriages interrupted are real, there is a further 3 in 5 that are fake and prevented.
That is 60% efficient.
The impact of forced Visa immigration through processes like this are yet to be fully felt, but as the UK tightens it’s grip around all things border, we will soon find out how much damage these illegal processes have really been costing the nations a whole.

UK visa applicants arrested for fraud

The Couple  (UK visa applicants arrested) arrested in Sri Lanka face 10 year UK ban and prosecution for deception


A married Sri Lankan couple face a 10 year ban from UK travel and possible prosecution after being arrested in the UK for submitting tampered Visa documents, which were unearthed by highly trained officers specialising in forgery during checks over the submitted documents.

The couple had concealed past rejections by the UK on their Visas, and actively denied the events even taking place when questioned.
Hiding previous rejections is considered ‘deception’ by the UK border agencies, and is generally thought of reason to be distrustful and reject Visa applications.
Stricter policies may be due to terror threats within the UK and a rising concern that suspicious behaviour may incline more sinister circumstances which would require immediate rejection of the Visa and a thorough investigation.

UK visa applicants arrested for fraud

The UK has handed over responsibility the the Sri Lankan Frauds Investigation Bureau, where the couple will likely be further interrogated and may face imprisonment of a hefty fine, which would set back further plans of immigration for some time.
UK Visas and Immigrations Operations Managers said: “We will not tolerate the abuse of the UK’s immigration rules” He stated that submitting false documents of deception in general would be ‘strongly’ advised against.

This comes during increasing pressure from some parts of the government to tighten immigration policies and regulations, essentially narrowing the acceptable reasons for entering the UK.

This pressure is generally seen as a response to cases in which a national would immigrate to the UK and take part in illegal activities. Controversially, this illegal activity between a tiny percentage of immigrants has changed the way the UK looks at immigration.
Cooperation between the UK and Sri Lankan governments that include transparent sharing of offences including Sri Lankan nationals may result in the two facing heavy prosecution when they arrive home.

Among other offences, they were arrested for ‘tampering’ and ‘deception’.
The UK sees this as a security threat to it’s nations and as a result, treats each case very seriously.
The United Kingdoms have very strict immigration polices which can present significant difficulty for non E.U members who want to find work within the country.
All recorded offences will stay on record permanently, making it more and more of a challenge for previous offenders to enter. While usually, one would be able to apply again in 28 days, the couple will be unable to consider reapplication for a decade.
Applying for a Visa, one must be entirely truthful in order to have the best chance of acceptance, presenting a clear, transparent case that can withstand scrutiny due to genuine intentions.

Lying to the Border Agencies is generally considered one of the worst things to do if attempting to enter said country. The for the best chance:
Use clear documentation which is not blurred, marked or has any compromising features.
In many parts of Asia, the refusal rate can be between 30-50%

Reasons for rejection can be such as:
No valid reason for application
– Applying for ‘holiday’ with no background with other trips – Lack of confidence in funds
– Not knowing where you will stay
– Lack of knowledge of terms

mark harpers illegal immigrant cleaner arrested

Border Police arrest  illegal immigrant cleaner of minister during wedding

Isabella Acevedo, of Columbia, was seized during a raid by UK Border Police just before her daughter’s wedding, while waiting for the bride to arrive.
Acevedo was the self-employed cleaner of Tory minister Mark Harper, she was taken by at least a dozen Immigration and Police officers and placed forcefully in the back of a van, where she was subsequently arrested and now faces prosecution.

mark harpers illegal immigrant cleanerMark Harper was a punctual part of the Tory crackdown on illegal immigrations, and responsible for the ‘Go Home’ campaign, in which the slogan, along with other controversial statements were placed in large font across the sides and backs of lorries in areas of London where large amounts of the population consisted of ethic minorities.
Mike Jones, who spoke from the Public and Commercial Services union, said that the campaign was beneficial to “Right wing racist and fascist organisations such as the BNP, EDL, EVF and others”.

This reflected badly upon the Conservatory party, who do not tend to display such extremist views in general. In an ironic turn, Harper was unaware that in fact, his own cleaner was illegally residing in the UK. Unsurprisingly, he resigned because of the incident.

In his letter of resignation, he stated that he had made checks in both 2007, 2010 and 2012.
After launching a new effort to get land owners and employers to perform “reasonable checks” on their workers, he attempted to attain documents on his cleaner as he had previously, where upon not being able to attain said documents, was informed that she was staying in the country illegally, and had not possessed an indefinite leave to stay within the United Kingdoms.

He informed the Prime Minister David Cameron of his resignation and resigned immediately, seeing himself as unfit for the position.
Harper made his maiden speech in spring 2005.

An onlooker during the incident claimed that the operation was very fast, and even suggested that the officers had been hiding within the building in wait. They entered loudly and attempted to threaten said onlooker, saying they would take the mobile phone which was filming the incident as evidence. Luckily, the footage was posted onto the internet, and the story has emerged in its entirety.
The ex-minister had been paying Acevedo £30 per week to clean and iron within his Westminster flat.
At the time, officers prevented the wedding, claiming that there were discrepancies within the paperwork, however, registrars allowed the wedding to go ahead later on.
This event is generally considered part of a larger effort to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants and fraud within the UK, headed by the Conservatory party, who are currently at the head of the country. As of recently, many new legislations have given more power toward officers that allow a higher level of interference within the illegal immigrant community.
Fraud within the UK that is caused by the unlawfully residing population costs millions in taxpayer money each year.