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Home Office Visa Regulation changes

The class of 2014 have graduated and many are now looking for employment. For students with immigration status, the job search is a more arduous task as they have to navigate through complicated immigration paperwork to remain in the country in which they studied. In the UK, one route is applying for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa. The purpose of the visa is to allow foreign nationals to remain in the country, so they can start their own business. Recent foreign national graduates are eligible for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, as well. However, Immigration Minister James Brokeshire announced that the Home Office suspected that recent graduates are using the visa without the purpose of starting a business.

According to Brokeshire and the Home Office, there is evidence that foreign national graduates are transferring from Tier 4 (Student) visas to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) in order to stay in the UK. Although they hold a visa which gives them entrepreneurial power, the visa holders are actually working with another employer and not running a business. In an effort to crack down fraud visa acquisition, the Home Office is placing stricter regulations on application process of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas.

The visa frauds were uncovered when inspections were made on tax records. According to the records, some Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa holders were not managing their own business, but they were working for another employer. These activities are against the requirements to hold a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

In order to apply for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, applicants must submit a business plan to prove eligibility. However, some of these business plans were proven to be false, according to the government’s close inspections. In addition, these bogus business plans did not meet the investment requirements necessary to qualify for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

Now, if one wants to obtain a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, the applicant must meet specific guidelines in order to qualify. These guidelines are more strict in order to stop applicants who have no intentions of running a business. The document regarding the changes was published on July 10th, 2014. The changes were initiated on the next day, July 11th, 2014.

The surge of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa frauds was a result of the closing of Tier 1 (Post Study Work)
visa that occurred on 2012. Before the closure of the visa, foreign national students were allowed to stay in the UK by transferring from Tier 4 (Student) visa status to Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa. This gave the recent graduates an opportunity to stay in the UK and work for 2 years.

The closure of the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa was decided by the Coalition government in order to decrease the net immigration in the UK. Hence, in April 6th, 2012, applications for the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa was no longer being accepted. Nevertheless, the visa lasted for 2 years, so visas that were still active before the closure of the visa would remain valid for the rest of the duration.

The Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa was a useful resource for immigrant students. After their graduation from a UK university, those who held a Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa were allowed to stay without the

sponsorship by a licenced employer. The visa also gave them the benefit of setting up their business that Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas already provided.

It was definitely important for recent graduates who were seeking to stay in the UK as the visa afforded ample time to graduates to seek permanent employment. If the recent graduates were able to receive sponsorship from a licensed sponsor, the graduate would qualify for a Tier 2 (General) visa. By acquiring the visa, the employee would be allowed to stay in the UK for 5 years and 14 days.

This system had a positive impact in immigration retention. However, it was not conducive to the Coalition government’s goal in decreasing net immigration. Therefore, reform was made to stop recent graduates who are of foreign national origin from remaining in the UK. By eliminating the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa, the Coalition government hoped that foreign national graduates would be forced to return to their country.

Their expected result was not the case as many have routed their efforts to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas in order to stay in the UK.

The strict regulation and guidelines of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa was immediately implemented in order to deter a surge of applicants. They predict that a sudden surge of applications would occur if a 21 days notice was given. The immediate closure of the visa was performed to shut the doors, before an applicant can quickly take benefits of the lenient regulations which will not be available after the 11th of July.

The surge was predicted after a similar event occurred after the closure of the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa. When the government gave a 21 day notice of the visa’s closure, 3,000 applications were submitted before the closure occurred. Therefore, the government predicted that applicants for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa would increase. The sudden implementation of the strict regulations were immediately executed with the hopes that they can avoid foreign national students from taking advantage of the lenient regulation of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

Although the intention of government’s decision was stop to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa fraudulence, the phenomenon was merely a consequence of the government’s efforts to stop the increase of immigration retention in the UK. By closing the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa, recent graduates were forced to take other measures in order to secure their place in the country. Therefore, the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa incident was part of a domino effect, caused by UK immigration efforts to deter foreign nationals from staying in the country.

deportation process UK and human rights

 Eric Erron Johnson, a convicted killer, was set to be deported from the UK, but a judge ruled that his deportation would be in violation of human rights. Despite the criminal’s series of serious offences, the judge stated that his deportation would be in violation of established human rights laws.

Johnson, 29, was only 4 years old when he first came to the UK. His father, who was from London, had an affair with his mother, who was Jamaican. Johnson’s parents never married. Afterwards, Johnson was brought to the country by his father. Johnson stayed with his father, his father’s wife, and half siblings. He had only seen his mother once, when he visited Jamaica at the age of 9. On March 1992, he was granted an indefinite leave to stay in the UK.

In August 2008, Johnson was convicted of manslaughter. Johnson killed a man by means of a wooden object which he used to hit and stab the victim. He claimed that he was acting in self defense, but his testimony was deemed false. The judge also described Johnson as a commercial dealer of class A drugs. Adding to his heavy criminal record, Johnson has a five year criminal record with serious offences dating back to 2003 when he was at the age of 18.

Following the court’s decision, the Home Office initiated their efforts to deport Johnson back to Jamaica on March 2011. Previously, Johnson and his father had never file for his citizenship before he was 18. Hence, the Home Office stated he was not a citizen and the evidence gave weight on their decision to deport Johnson and an obligation for the public good.

Justice Dingeman opposed the Home Office’s decision to deport Johnson, because the decision would violate Article 8 and 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). Respectively, the two articles of the ECHR state his right to a private and family life and protection from discrimination.

Article 8 reads that everyone “has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.” The article continues that there “shall be no interference by a public authority of the exercise of his right.” The only exception would be if he is a threat to national security, public safety, economic well­being, the health of others, and the protection of other people’s rights.

From article 8, it would seem reasonable to deport Johnson, since one can claim that he is a threat to public safety, but this is not necessarily so and Article 14 continues that this would be a form of discrimination. The article states that his enjoyment of human rights should not be interfered by discrimination based on sex, race, color, language, and “national or social origin.”

Dingeman applied the article to Johnson’s case, stating that Johnson’s deportation would not acknowledge his paternal link to his father, despite that he was born out of wedlock. His expulsion based on his national origin would be a form of discrimination as the decision would

not consider his paternal link as a basis for his citizenship and right to stay in the UK. Ultimately, his deportation would be established under human rights violations.

Nevertheless, the Home Office certified that Johnson’s human rights claim was “clearly unfounded.” Still, Dingeman squashed their decision and said that further consideration should be made.

Dingeman said that he would be open to an immigration tribunal in order to determine a final decision regarding Johnson’s human rights claim. This tribunal will serve to conclude that Johnson indeed should not be deported based on his paternal link. His relationship to his father should be used against his deportation process, according to Article 8 and 14. Dingeman states that this link and his right should be upheld.

The tribunal will make a close examination on Johnson’s rights and the weight of his paternal link as a means to stop his deportation. If successful, the appeal will invalidate the Home Office’s decline to cancel his deportation.

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Legal aid rules seem unfair

UK’s Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling is facing critics after his issued guidance regarding allocation of legal aids seems unjust as perceived by the High Court.

According to a judge, six cases of claim for legal aids were denied in accordance to the Lord Chancellor’s issued guidance of granting legal aids to immigrant cases. The six immigrant cases involved includes European nationals appealing against departure following criminal convictions, an alleged victim of trafficking from Nigeria, and other cases involving the right to enter and remain in the UK. The judge also said that at least some of the mentioned cases should have been granted with the proper court judgment.

Mr. Justice Collins, a judge in London, said that anyone within the premises of UK is under its law and is granted the necessary protection.

“Thus there must be a fair and effective hearing available and the guidance, as the facts of some of the cases I have dealt with show, produces unfairness”.

The Lord Chancellor’s issued act seems ironic to what the government’s Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) stands for. The issued act tends to cut the legal aid allocated budget by £350 million a year by 2015. It also greatly affected the provision and scope of legal aid, including for immigration cases, and were forced to be implement last April 2013.

Several campaign groups also cried with disappointment regarding the guidance, which they call as a “false economy”. According to them, the cut in the legal aid boundaries will greatly impact those who need it the most, and making enforcement of legal right much harder for individuals, especially to immigrants.

Failure to recognize Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights is one of the major flaws of the Lord Chancellor’s guidance, according to the judge. The mentioned six cases all have Article 8 claim, which tackles taking into account the rights of family members, especially children. In Section 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009, welfare of children in the United Kingdom are taken into account in an immigration decision.

Immigrants, being the most impacted group, seeking for help and not at all fluent with English will be targeted by opportunistic individuals, the judge also mentioned. The lack of access to credited advisers poses another threat in the security of immigrants.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said that allocation of legal aid should be carefully decided as resources are limited and the people’s taxes should be used and spent wisely. The spokesman also mentioned that the removal of provision of legal aid for immigrant cases, except asylum cases, was replaced by a reasonable funding scheme to address the issue. This is to ensure that international obligations are still met by the government.

Expressing disappointment, the judge gave permission to lawyers of legal aid counseling to appeal to the Lord Chancellor’s issued guidance and a 28-day period to raise appeals with regards to the six immigrant cases.

Immigrant Detention Centers Are Inhumane

In the United Kingdom, there is a tough stance on immigration. This is due to the fact that is a country which is literally facing an immigration crisis. There are an unbelievably large number of individuals entering the United Kingdom illegally every single day. To tackle this, the government has taken a large number of steps. They have put in place a system for the methodical removal of illegal immigrants. This also involves the immigration detention centers where illegal immigrants are held until such a time that they can be deported. The only problem with this system: what crime are the people being held for?

The shocker is that no one has the answer to that question. Rather, no one has a satisfactory answer. Many people convey that their only crime is being born outside the United Kingdom. This is far from a good answer, in fact, it is an appalling answer. Immigrant detention centers typically hold people for a few days, but can actually hold them for years. The worst part is that there is no trial needed. This makes it impossible for the illegal immigrant to leave the detention center until their case is resolved. There are many incidents when people confronted for small things like speeding are unable to prove their citizenship and are immediately hauled to the detention centers. They are not given any reaction time. They are not even allowed a single visit to their house. They are taken straight to the detention centers and kept there indefinitely. Many have pets at home that die of starvation. Most of these immigrants are unaware of their rights and are unable to petition for their right to stay in the United Kingdom. A really sad fact is that many of these people have lived in the United Kingdom for nearly a decade and have completely integrated into United Kingdom society. The prospect of being deported to their ‘home country’ is very intimidating. This is simply because not having lived there for over ten years, the immigrants are hardly able to identify with the country anymore. Immigration detention centers are grim places that do not help cheer up immigrants facing deportation. There are a large number of inmates who attempt suicide on multiple occasions. There are also many reports of medical neglect, racism and sexual abuse that have emerged over the years. This is especially true for Yarl’s Wood, where over 70 percent of the women report being raped by guards.

Recently, an inmate at Yarl’s Wood, Christina Case died from alleged medical neglect. The 40 year old woman was supplied with only a tablet of paracetamol to deal with a heart attack that she finally succumbed to. Though an investigation into the matter has been opened, it is too little, too late. The immigrant detention centers need to go and fast. There has been a successful model adopted in Canada. Here, a tie – up between an NGO and the government allows people to live in society till their case is decided upon.

Few Tier 1 Visas To Be Issued Next Year

Last year, a new type of Tier 1 visa, the exceptional talent visa was announced by the Immigrations Ministry. This visa was introduced to help bring in extremely talented individuals into the United Kingdom to help alleviate or, in the very least, to some extent ameliorate the extreme crisis of a lack of talented workforce in the United Kingdom job market. The problem is that the visa is extremely hard to obtain. It needs an applicant to obtain an endorsement stating that he or she is actually very skilled and deserves the visa. These endorsements are given by Designated Competent Bodies. Till recently, there were only four of these: The Royal Society, Arts Council England, The Royal College of Engineering and The British Academy. Very recently, the Tech City, a Silicon Valley themed technology start – up cluster, founded by the United Kingdom government in 2010 has also been designated a competent body. The advantage of this visa is that people do not need an existing job offer, they just need an endorsement. While obtaining these endorsements is by no means easy, the applications for the visa get stymied when they reach the Immigrations Ministry. A majority of these applications are rejected despite endorsements. Last year, only seven visas were granted in the category. Needless to say, this is not close to fulfilling the demand for qualified people in the United Kingdom industry.

Ironically, the largest number of jobs that need to be fulfilled are in the Information Technology (IT) sector. There are 10,000 technology start – ups in London alone and all of them need talented personnel. Now, despite having the visa category, due to an extreme lack of numbers, it does not have any impact on the demand. Just a simple assumption of each company having two positions they need filled (and this is a very, very, very conservative estimate), that creates 20,000 vacancies in the IT sector. At only 200 visas, that is just 10 percent of the demand. If only 7 applicants get the visa and enter the United Kingdom, only 0.04 percent of the job demands are met. This situation is absolutely appalling. If the United Kingdom wants to develop in all sectors and try to reach the size of Silicon Valley, it needs to address this issue immediately!

Apart from the problems of extremely small numbers to have any impact on the industry, the visa category is also very restrictive. One needs to jump through a lot of hoops and clear a lot of interviews just to qualify, and even after that, you may not get the visa. This makes it extremely hard for core technology entrepreneurs to enter the United Kingdom. This is because a majority of technology entrepreneurs do not hold college degrees. Like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, they are often college dropouts. Though genius, they do not have thee credentials to back up their qualifications. It is extremely important to allow technology entrepreneurs into the country. After all, they are the ones who will start companies and help the industry develop.

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New Life in the UK test chapter 5 summary – Part 4 -Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents – 3rd Edition

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Life in the UK test taking techniques


Life in the UK Test Study Guide

Life in the UK Test Study Guide Marble arch londonIf you want to be a British citizen or going to apply for ILR recently, then I think you already know about the life in the UK test. You have to pass the exam to get the citizenship. The exam helps to integrate a foreign national well in to the British society. You can learn many things like the culture, constitution and the laws of the society by appearing the test. So this is a must thing for the peoples trying to settle permanently in Britain.

About the Test and Life in the UK Test Study Guide

Let’s learn about the exam process. You have to be good in English to sit for the exam. Otherwise you have to take the English language (ESOL) class first. Sometime it is needed to take the citizenship class too. You have to complete the test at one of the “Life in the UK Test” Centers in the United Kingdom. This is a computer based exam. So you should have a minimum knowledge about the computer too.

The book from which you can get help is “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. This is the official book recommended to prepare for the exam. Or you can save a lot of time and the expense of buying the book by reading the chapter summaries of Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship.

The test is a combination of multiple choice based questions. There are three types of questions in the test.

  1. Single Answer – Multiple Choice

  2. Multiple Answers – Multiple Choice

  3. True/ False type questions.

For most of the questions you have to choose only one answer and mark that. There will be four options given to you. These are the single answer multiple choice questions.

And some questions will have two answers in the multiple choices. You have to mark the both two as right answer. So in multiple answers four choices will be given and more than one answer will be there.

Another type of question will be True or False types. A statement will be given and the multiple choices will be True or False. You have to decide whether the statement is true or it is false. This thing seems to be easy because there are only two options to choose from. But sometimes it becomes more tricky than four multiple choices.

Without preparation you can’t do better in the test. Learn some tips and techniques on how to improve your score in the Life in the UK test. The test will last for 45 minutes and you have to answer 24 questions in this time. You have to get 75% mark to pass the test.

Preparing for the Test using the Life in the UK Test Study Guide

Life in the UK Test London duck tourYou already know that this is a test of multiple choice questions. So you have to be prepared well on this. There are several things to remember for answering multiple choice questions. The first thing to keep in mind that – the right answer is always there between the four choices (hopefully this is rather obvious !). At first read very carefully the question and try to assume the answer without looking at the choices. This thing will keep you from being fallen into confusion. After that, look at the answers given and mark the one you think is similar or nearer to your assumption. Your analyzing power is your best friend when answering this type of questions. It will be better if you can follow the tips given bellow.

  • It is hard to remember all the things you study for this exam. There are lots of details. So try to remember the most important details and do it regularly. Memorize a small part everyday.

  • Read down the questions very carefully. Most of the time errors occur when students can’t understand the questions.

  • When answering multiple choices question, read all the choices. Don’t stop at 2 or 3 though you think you have found the right answer. Some times it is not the right answer, what they are looking for is the best answer.

  • Practice with some sample British Citizenship Test questions. Doing the practice will speedup your analyzing power and shorten the time to give an answer.

  • Try not to spend too much time on one question. There is a time limit for every question. If you spend too much time on one, then you can’t answer them all.

  • If you don’t know the answer to one question, then go to answer the next. Don’t waste the time on unknown question. You can answer that later.

  • After answering all of the questions go for the unanswered questions. Try to use your common sense to mark the best possible answer.

  • Remember that –when you find that – there is “Every,” “Always” and “All” in the answers then this might be the right answer. At least they have a better chance to be right.

  • There is another thing, try to omit the incorrect answer before you mark the correct one. This will help to minimize errors.

  • Don’t change your answer. Usually your first selection (NOT the first answer option) is always right.

  • Positive answers are most of the time true in true/false type questions.

  • You have prepared well for the life in the UK test – then if you see an answer with more information and look familiar to you that might be the right or true answer.

  • When you are skipping an answer, put a mark beside it. Otherwise you might forget to come back again. This is like writing down the number of the questions in a paper.

  • Don’t leave any answer blank. If you really don’t know the answers then just guess what it might be. But not a wild guess. Try to use your analyzing power, make an intelligent guess.

All of the questions that you are going to answer in the “Life in the UK Test” are going to be from the book “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. So the very first suggestion is to read the book carefully or read the summary of the book on this site. You can’t remember everything at first. So you have to study and remember a little part everyday. That’s a continuous practice. And as told – there is no alternative to practice by answering some sample life in UK questions. You can find many on the web. This will increase your efficiency. So the summery or our Life in the UK Test Study Guide is – study the book, practice regularly and remember the above suggestions. That’s all.


Life in the UK Test Study Guide Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to make this Free Life in the UK Test Study Guide as complete and as accurate as possible, so that you will be thoroughly prepared for the Life in the UK Test, but no warranty or fitness is implied.