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Life in the UK Test – My experience Step by step


Life in the UK Test Experiences

Life in the UK Test Experiences Covent Garden MarketHi everyone, this post is my personal experience of preparation for life in the UK test for ILR application. This post will cover my experience from selecting the right exam centre to getting the final results. I will take you through this journey step by step to give an enhanced understanding to pass this crucial exam for your citizenship.


Step 1- Booking the Exam Centre

Book the exam centre nearby your area. Use this to find life in the UK test centres I did’t realize the importance of this aspect until I reached my exam center. Unfortunately I booked the exam center late and the available centers were far away. So at the end I got a center faraway from my town. As a result, on exam day, it was snowing. I postponed the exam twice as weather was so bad to reach the center. The best advice I can give is to book the centre earlier as possible to get the nearest place. This way you will reach to the centre comfortably with less hassle and it will improve your chances to pass the exam.

Apart from the distance also research about the reputation of the centre as this can hugely impact your exam experience. I believe most of the centers have good atmosphere and reputation but if center has too many candidates than try to choose a center that has fewer bookings. I believe in this regard you can ask the centre directly or anybody who has already given the exam and can recommend his/her centre. Booking the exam is much easier with online booking, visit how to book the test online for more information.

Step 2- Start your preparation Early:

With my personal experience, start your exam preparation as soon as possible. Any early start will give you the time for revision.

Step 3- Life in the UK Test – official Book or Use FREE Chapter Summaries !

Buy or borrow the right Edition of the official book for this exam. It is important in the sense as each edition has different moderation. Must ask the test centre to clarify the current addition. If you are borrowing, book your copy early as many people will be looking for this book on the same time. Alternatively you can save all the hassle and expenses by using our FREE Life in the UK Test Chapter Summaries are at

Step 4 -Make a Time Table:

Make a timetable to allocate a few hours of (everyday) of your time to practice. DO NOT leave everything until last minute or try to do everything together. It will leave your exhausted with a failed attempt.

Step 4- Reading the Chapters:

In current format, you need to prepare the chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. In first instance, read the book chapter by chapter to understand the history, laws, rights and lives of UK citizens. Read the book as a story to enjoy your first reading, instead of just reading for exam. You can SKIP all the above in step 4 if you are using Chapter summaries from the book !

Step 5- Making notes:

The second part of preparation will be reading your chapter and making your notes on side. Write all important note able events and dates on a paper. Read every chapter carefully but in a relaxed manner. When reading and making the notes, think logically and link the events as a sequence.

Step 6- Practice the Exams with websites:

Apart from reading the official books and the guides, choose good websites to practice the exam. It will provide you some idea about the original test. Try to take the test by websites with random answers. With my personal experience, it will help you to memories the actual answers. For some of the best resources please visit FREE Life in the UK Test questions.

Step 7- Do it every day – little by little:

Make a routine or a habit to do your reading or practice everyday but only for an hour or so. This habit will make the exam interesting with regular practice.

Step 8- Practice with Companions:

Find the people in your situation, like friends who are also doing the same exam. In this case you will be able to exchange your experience and can do your practice with them.

Step 9- Last weeks:

At least two weeks before, make your time allocation on a bigger scale. Make a shorter version of your notes. Instead of 1or 2 hours, read and practice 4 hours a day.

Step 10 – DO NOT memorize everything:

In all this time, don’t try to memorize each and every word of the chapters. Your shorter version of notes will be enough to get you passed.

Step 11- Last Days:

Read the shorter version of your notes and Practice the exam on websites.

Step 12- Day before the exam:

Just relax and read the short version of your notes, if you want. Eat well and have a good sleep.

Step 13 – The exam Day:

Keep your notes with you. Make sure that you have google map of the centre. Check your train routes and buy your tickets a day before. Make your journey in relaxed manner but reach at least one hour before. Take your ID or passport with a pen and note book with you.

Step 14 – Doing your exam

Life in the UK Test Piccadilly Circus LondonMost exam centers will take your details on the arrival and ask you to wait. As I mentioned earlier You need an official ID for example a passport or a driving license with you. On arrival, Somebody from test center will feed your details to the computer and ask you to wait in waiting room. when I reached in the room, it was full of nervous people. It is time that you stay cool but vigilant. I did,’t talk to anybody to fully concentrate on the task. after 30 minutes, we were called and test started. As I enter in the room, computer was ready to enter my details. A invigilate told us about the exam and the rules. after 5 mins, test started, I started my test calmly. I had 45 mins to give 24 answers. I was reading the questions and clicking the answers. It is important to mention that you are allowed to change your answers anytime during the test. after reading and giving the first round of answers, I started the final revision. Rechecked all answers in second round and changed some answers. It took me 18 minutes to finish the exam. I left the room happily as I know I have given all answers right.

Last step- the moment of Truth of Life in the UK Test Experiences :

we were asked to stay in the waiting room to get our final results. After 30 minutes of exam, we were called one by one. when I reached in the room, a lady was waiting for me with results. she asked me for my ID and given my results. I passed the exam. Although I was expecting the percentage of the results but they only told me that I have passed. They also told me to keep the result document safe as if I shall lose, I have to do this exam again.

Life in the UK Test Experiences of others

What others went through can be read on this page other Life in the UK Test Experiences

Life in the UK Test Experiences Disclaimer

What you will experience may vary from what I have gone through. I have detailed MY Life in the UK Test experiences here to the best of my recollection and ability. No warranty or fitness is implied. For information on How to prepare successfully please visit Free resources for the British Citizenship Test

How I passed the UK Citizenship exam in 5 minutes !

This article is to show the process I went through, to pass the latest version of the United Kingdom Citizenship exam (Life in the UK test), and to highlight some of the most important things to consider, to be successful the first time with minimum delay, hassle and expense !.

Life in the UK Test


Why do you need to pass this exam ?

You need to pass this simple test if you are applying for …

1. British Citizenship or.
2. Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK,

Am I qualified to write this guide ?

First of all, I got through this exam in less than 5 minutes !. I am a professional IT trainer, which means I train quite a lot of people for advanced technology exams . On top of that I personally take a lot of exams (at least 10 per year). I kind of enjoy the challenge 🙂

Why am I writing this guide ?

Life in the UK Test Buckingham palaceDuring my latest attempt at the new exam, at the Life in the UK test centre, I noticed many people taking more than 30 minutes to complete this exam and some were even on their 2nd or 3rd attempt !. I was asked by many how I managed to finish in 5 minutes. So the idea of this guide is to help you pass on your first attempt and with minimum pain. Of course preparation is critical to any exam !.

Who should read this guide ?

Anyone interested in or required to pass the latest version of Life in the UK.

How to book the Life in the UK Test ?

1. Booking the exam, this is the most important step !, as this gives you a deadline to work towards. Just remember, that this is a very simple test which can be completed in 5 minutes !

  1. Find your nearest Life in the UK Test Centres .
  2. Call and book. Give your self at least 4 weeks for preparation, Currently the cost is £50

2. If you are familiar with the Internet, (well you have found this site, so you are familiar) go to a Count down timer and create a count down to the date. This will help you to keep track of your progress. It’s very easy to forget a date !
3.Which study material to use ? All questions are from the Home Office book, which we have summarised

Life in the UK Book chapter summaries

How to prepare for the Citizenship exam ?

MUCH Tougher requirements for the British Citizenship

From the 28 October 2013, The Home Office is introducing much tougher requirements for migrants who wish to settle in the UK, or to become naturalized as British citizens.

All applicants are required to demonstrate

1. standard Knowledge Of Language and

2. Life in the UK (the KOLL requirement).

From 28 October 2013, all applicants in both categories will be required to pass both the Life in the UK (LITUK) Test and to hold a B1 (intermediate) level English language speaking and listening qualification, or its equivalent. This change is aimed to strengthen the citizenship process, ensuring that migrants are ready and able to successfully integrate into British Society.
The Knowledge of Language and Life Requirement for Settlement (Indefinite leave to remain)
After having lived legally in the UK for a certain length of time, migrants can apply for settlement. However, there are two requirements that must be met by all applicants unless the individual is exempt.

Applicants will be required to:
1. Pass the Life in the UK test; and
2. Have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR (intermediate level) or higher, or its equivalent.

The Knowledge of Language and Life Requirement for Naturalisation
The KoLL requirement for naturalisation as a British citizen will be the same as that for settlement, and the same English language qualifications will be accepted.

English Language Qualifications
A range of English language qualifications will be accepted as evidence that an applicant has met the B1 level speaking and listening standards.

These include:
1. Qualifications covering speaking and listening at B1 or above from the Home Office’s Secure English Language Test (SELT) list.

2. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) speaking and listening qualifications at entry level 1, 2, 3. All qualifications must have been regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). The qualification must be listed as an ESOL qualification on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications and must have been taken in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

3. A National Qualification in ESOL at Scottish Qualifications Framework levels 4, 5 or 6, awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and taken in Scotland.

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1. This is not the Official Life in the UK Test!
2. Intention of these Mock tests is to prepare you for the official exam, from the feedback we have received over the past 5 years, you will improve Significantly, your chances of passing the Life in the UK test
3. All information is provided as is therefore we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information. Furthermore we are not liable for the information provided.
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