The Deception of a Prince

For the past sixteen years, Dr. Yilkyes Bala has lived a life perpetrated by lies and deception. He has consistently referred to himself as “His Royal Highness, Prince Yilkyes Bala Tongele, Ph.D., Crown Prince” and he carried an identification card from the Nigerian Plateau State Council of Chiefs which listed him as “Prince of Princes”. While investigators have been able to show that he did not inherit this title at birth, they have been unsuccessful in disproving his claim that it was bestowed on him at a later date in his life.

Investigators compiled evidence over a two year period which proved that, with the assistance of a corrupt official in the Home Office Dr. Bala was able to obtain legally accurate, but improperly issued, refugee passports for illegal immigrants. Dr. Bala ran several security firms throughout Britain and he was believed to be incredibly affluent. He used his companies, and his position, to help these illegals obtain employment, and residences within the country by providing them with references as well as the official documentation. While the exact number is unknown it is believed to number well over two-hundred. Officials were only able to prove links to approximately one-hundred of the applications based on addresses belonging to Dr. Bala.

Among the illegal immigrants brought into the country in this way were Dr. Bala’s second wife; Giwo Tonglele, and his brother, as well as several other of Dr. Bala’s family members. The Home Office official applied for the paperwork using non-existent relatives of actual refugees living in the country. Once they had their hands on the official documentation, it was an easy enough process for them to apply for and, in most cases, obtain a National Insurance number, which provided them with all the rights and benefits befitting a citizen of the country.

Naturally this caused havoc in the Government when the truth finally came to light. While the investigators were able to link approximately one-hundred illegal refugee passports to addresses linked to Dr. Bala, there were many more issued by the corrupt official. As a result of the investigation the official is already serving time for misuse of a government position.

At this time approximately one-hundred arrests have been made of immigrants in possession of illegal refugee documents. Of those hundred, only a few are believed to have actually had charges brought against them, and even fewer have been convicted and deported. The investigators and courts are going to have a long process ahead of them finally weed out and bring to justice all those people involved in the scam. Dr. Bala’s work was well orchestrated but even he could not escape justice forever.

As of August 1st, 2014 Dr. Yilkyes Bala entered jail to serve the seven year sentenced issued by the judge after a jury convicted him of conspiring to breach immigration laws. Also sentenced to jail time were Dr. Bala’s second wife, his brother, and several high ranking members of his security companies. Dr. Bala has claimed that the investigation cost him well over ten million euros and, as a result, his empire is now defunct.