Ebola Panic UK

Suspected Ebola Panic At Airport

News has emerged that an asylum seeker from Liberia could perhaps have been carrying the lethal Ebola virus.

The man had began to develop Ebola-like symptoms while waiting for an immigration centre to process his request just days after his arrival into Britain.

The man was isolated by staff, who performed tests upon him. He was not carrying the virus.

The threat is considered incredibly dangerous by the UK government, who have expressed huge concern over the issue, telling doctors to ‘be vigilant’ and pay attention toward the issue and it’s possible victims.

The event has cast doubt as to the security of the British borders during this time of emergency that has been called over the dangers that this present, with 60% of those who contract it dying, it is incredibly powerful, and due to the fact that it is a viral in nature, very hard to defeat.

Ebola Panic UK

Immigrants who share nationalities of those countries who are known to be carrying the pathogen should expect to be taken in extreme caution due the situation at hand, which has prompted border staff to call to attention the fact that they have not been trained in how to deal with cases which have suspected deadly viruses involved.

Members reached out to their union for advice on the situation, but found nothing.

As of writing, 1300 people have become infected by the Ebola epidemic.

700 of which have died.

Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have registered cases which resulted in death.

Concern has been raised as to the state of infection within Nigeria, where rumours of infection and death have spread.

Professor Peter Pilot, who was one of people to discover the virus, said that the likelihood of infection was “very, very low”.

this is not a very contagious infection, you need close contact with someone who is really ill or who died from it”— “for border agents there is no problem that i can see.”

He said the issue was with health workers, who would be dealing with those infected in the later stages.

Border staff were given a 2 page ‘common sense’ briefing document which did not contain much more than plain symptoms

Staff want more detail, with the lack of general understanding of the germ causing large amounts of concern.

Pilot suggested that those who were of a serious risk of infecting others would have been in no way capable of international travel, being too ill and in too much pain.

He said that if any were at risk, it would not be those at the frontier of the country.