Hair-raising Tales of Illegal Immigration

People strive hard to live and to provide their loved ones a living. They venture on a path full of obstacles and difficulties to find work as well as to survive their jobs to earn. However, some people fall into fraudulent work-providers or agencies causing them to fall into obscurity. They are promised with highly considerable jobs which will make them earn riches but they will later realize that they fell into the wrong hands. As a result, they will experience slavery, hunger, commitment to wrongdoings, and worst of all – illegal immigration.

The Punjab people, originating from the Punjab region, are just one of those people who forcefully become illegal immigrants. Their will to earn a living and to leave their hellish hometowns are the primary reasons why they look for job opportunities from other places. According to Shamlal Puri, the author of The Illegals: Visaless, Homeless, Hopeless – Striving for the Good Life and who has trailed, interrogated, and documented the ventures of these unfortunate Punjab people, these people have experienced a very difficult life.

These Punjabis are tricked by fraudulent agencies by promising them some extravagant jobs in exchange for expensive payments mostly covering their traveling fees. However, their journey is far worse than a nightmare for they experience hunger, sickness, and criminal doings. In fact, the money that they pay for travel only lasts in the middle of the trip. As a result, they will beg, borrow, or even steal money from people. For they have no money, they experience hunger which will then lead to sickness. Moreover, there are no medical experts or doctors on board which worsens their condition.

When the trucks carrying them crosses the English channel, an inspection is required which is carried out by police officers. For the inspection, a device used to detect heat is used by the officers to know if someone or something unlawful is inside. In order not to be discovered, the immigrating Punjabis wrap themselves in black plastic bags causing them to hold their breath. Unfortunately, some of them suffocate and die. There are also instances where some of them try to escape by jumping off the trucks onto the train risking their lives. Their desire to arrive at their destination makes them cling onto their strengths.

Once they arrive at their destination, they will discover that no works or job opportunities are waiting for them. Consequently, they will become homeless and hopeless. They will live under the bridges, plantations, fields, or even in cemeteries. They will try to look for work related to cleaning or other low-earning jobs. If the authorities discover that they are illegal immigrants, they will be imprisoned and deported with a fine up to £10,000.

This whole venture of the Punjabis is not a venture for success and riches but a venture for a hellish abyss. People like them only want to make their lives a better one. But due to delinquent people like those agents whom they have unfortunately trusted, they became much more miserable. Furthermore, they became what they most feared of becoming – illegal immigrants.