Illegal Indian Worker Caught!

Immigration officers raided a Wearside takeaway shop after the Home Office received reports that there were illegal immigrants working there. The shop is situated at Park Lane, Sunderland and is known as the ‘King’s Flavour’.
Upon extensive questioning, it was found that one of the workers, a 26 year old Indian, was overstaying his visa. Subsequently, this man was arrested and has been detained. He is soon to be deported.

King’s Flavour has been given a written warning in response to this ‘carelessness’. They have been told that they have to pay a civil penalty of up to £20,000 unless they can prove that a complete and proper pre-employment check was carried out, as is the legal requirement. This pre-employment check consists of having seen the worker’s passport or a Home Office document.

Just last month, it was found that three illegal immigrants were working at the Great Wall Chinese Takeaway, located at Southwick Road in Southwick. After further investigation into the backgrounds of these three men, it was found that they were working illegally at the takeout. The owner of the takeout now possibly faces having to pay a fine of up to £60,000. Two of the three men, aged 29 and 35, were found to be unsuccessful asylum seekers and the third, 45, had entered the UK despite not having official permission to do so.

According the Anita Bailey, Deputy Director at the Department of Immigration Enforcement at the Home Office, the employers in Sunderland who were found to have employed illegal workers will be held answerable and will face financial penalties.

According to Bailey, illegal working has several extreme repercussions. It steals from tax-payers, undercuts honest employers and cheats honest job seekers oit of employment opportunities. She claimed that the Home Office will be more than happy to co-operate and work with employers by helping them understand the relevant pre-employment investigation that needs to be carried out; however, those who have broken the law must face the consequences.

Bailey urged that anyone who had authentic information about illegal working must immediately contact the Home Office. She announced that all employers must properly probe into the background and immigration status of potential workers and gave a link for them to refer to for help:
According to this website, last updated on the 16th of May, 2014, employers are expected to carry out a ‘right to work check’. This consists of three steps:
1. Ensure that the employee has original versions of one or more accepted documents listed in the Home Office Guidance.
2. Cross check the validity of the documents in front of the employee
3. Make and keep a clear, readable copy of the documents, as well as note down the time that the check was made.

The website further warns employers of the consequences of hiring an illegal worker. These include being liable to a civil penalty; having to pay £20,000 per illegal employee, and, possibly be prosecuted. Apart from this, the website also has details on penalties and policies. This has helped remove any grey areas that were present in employer’s minds about how to go about confirming the authenticity of the potential employees.