Immigration Ministers Clueless About Illegal Immigrants

Mark Harper, a former immigration minister has recently made it to the headlines. He drafted a new immigration bill and he also supported the roving of “Go Home” being driven around London in a short trial period. What really put him on the spotlight was his resignation as immigration minister after he found out that one of his cleaners is an illegal immigrant. He claimed that this said immigrant showed documents that confirm the said cleaner’s indefinite leave to remain. As it turned out, those documents were fakes.

It is very ironic that an immigration minister failed to recognize fake documents since he is the proponent of the new Immigration Bill. This new immigration bill requires landlords and GP’s to check the documents of their tenants and patients. Aside from that fines, imposed on companies or businesses in hiring illegal immigrants is increased from 10,000.00 to 20,000.00 British pounds. This bill has been openly opposed by critics. To them, this bill would create confusion because GP’s, tenants and even companies would act as border agents without being properly trained for the procedures and policies. On top of that, these people would still have to screen immigrants’ papers that can be time consuming.

With Harper’s failure to identify fake documents from authentic ones has already caused huge embarrassment. Critics have also used this Harper incident to scathingly oppose the bill. They argued that if an immigration minister who is supposed to know everything about immigration laws and documents failed to screen one of his employees, how can the rest of the population be fully equipped with these skills? This also increases the likelihood of tenants, GP’s and companies be slapped with fees since they are not fully equipped to check counterfeit documents presented by illegal immigrants. Overall, critics are against the new Immigration Bill because of the confusion, chaos and monetary ramifications it can cause.

Aside from the new Immigration Bill that Harper proposed, he is also the man behind the publication of the “Life in the UK Test” and the “Go Home Vans”, both of which are detested and also openly opposed by critics. People have dubbed “The Life in the UK Test” as a bad pub quiz. Immigrants have failed this test repeatedly causing them to spend hundreds of British pounds. While the “Go Home Vans” are viewed offensive.

Critics propose that the government should know these immigrants better. Government employees, especially those who work in the Immigration office, must take the initiative to further educate themselves on how it is for the immigrants to work and live in the United Kingdom. In solving any kinds of problem, people must fully grasp the impact of the problem they are trying to solve. Rather than creating bills after bills that blindly solve issues, ministers must take the time to dive in to the lives of those immigrants. In that way, the government can come up with bills that will offer solution that will address the problem without intimidating or even humiliating immigrants.