Life in the United Kingdom Test – Revise and Prepare

Effective October 28, 2013, except for those qualified for exemption, all individuals seeking to settle in the United Kingdom should make a commitment to learn English and have a firm grasp of the United Kingdom’s history, culture and tradition. This is to attain proper integration of people which will ensure a better society in the kingdom. Thus, the move is to maintain, if not improve, the quality of life in the United Kingdom.

The revised handbook for Life in the United Kingdom Test: A Guide to New Residents gives a clearer picture of how it is to live in the United Kingdom as a productive British citizen. Changes in the topics were made to refocus and give emphasis on the nation’s history, principles and the underlying factor or reasons for such change. Effective October 28, 2013, an updated test has to be passed by all examinees for British citizenship.

Indeed, the revision of the handbook directly affects the forthcoming test questions. This requires taking note of the revisions in preparing for the test. In so doing, the applicants should make sure that practice tests taken are the updated sets. Taking simulated online exams does not only familiarize the examinee with the actual test taking process, but also is an important tool in memorizing historical data.

Please take note that the second edition had only approximately thirty dates to memorize, while the new edition has 210. The 2013 edition contains 11,500 words more than the second edition. Though there are just five chapters now, compared to the second edition having six chapters, the latest handbook released is longer and meatier. On a different perspective, the test itself did not change. Nonetheless, the change in the handbook’s scope has an impact in making the test more difficult than before.

It is strongly suggested that the handbook be reviewed chapter by chapter. For a thorough learning, a chapter at a time should be studied. After a chapter is completed, it would be best to take a practice test. Only when you pass the practice test for the first chapter do we recommend that you proceed to the next chapter.

Chapter summaries are readily available online. Herewith is a brief description of each chapter:

Chapter 1: This focuses on the standards, morals and ethics in the United Kingdom. It also includes the procedure in becoming a British citizen. This is summed up in the vow of British citizens.

Chapter 2: This is the shortest chapter in the five chapters as it aims only to answer the question of what is the United Kingdom. This chapter discloses the official name and countries composing the kingdom.

Chapter 3: This is the longest chapter in the handbook as it details extensively the grand history of the kingdom starting from the Stone Age until 2010. This chapter includes people and events during early Britain, the Middle Ages, the Tudors and Stuarts periods, the global power, the twentieth century, World War 1, World War 2 and Britain after the war. It also chronicles the wars where Great Britain was involved in throughout the centuries, such as the battle against the Vikings to the latest conflict with Iraq and Afghanistan. It touches on the effects of the Black Death, a plague in 1348, to the country and the gradual transformation in the legal and political set-up in kingdom.

Chapter 4: This chapter talks about the modern day United Kingdom, its religion, way of life, norms, arts and culture, leisure activities, sports and tourist attractions.

Chapter 5: This is the last chapter which deals on the democratic parliamentary government of the United Kingdom as headed by a monarch. It also covers the laws, and the legal system as a whole, of the land. This stresses the responsibilities and benefits of each and every citizen residing in the kingdom.