Pass the Life in the UK test with only 5 hours of training in just 24 hours

Pass the Life in the UK test with only 5 hours of training in just 24 hours
Some people study for months and months, others study for weeks on end. But can one study just 5 hours and ONLY do those 5 hours only 24 hours before the test and Pass? I have not heard of anyone doing anything even similar.

Usually people study for 3 months or more, you have to attend tedious lessons, week after week, day after day and then pay £300 or even more. This is not including the time it takes to get to these classes. Some of these people still fail after All that  time and hard work then they go back to the same classes and pay more to study.

So Can I do it in ONLY 5 hours, Just 24 hours before the final test?
Can you prepare someone to study just 5 hours and get them to Pass the Life in the UK test and do it all in just 24 hours? find out for yourselves below 🙂

Here is the story….

I want to call this story 24 hours because Zeyna called me just 24 hours before her test! This story is short, simply because we had just 24 hours to get her a pass!

Zeyna came to us, exactly 24 hours before her final test. She had already booked the test and wanted to make 100% sure that she would Pass. I am sure she had her own reasons for waiting until the very last minute, but we still do not know those reasons, nor are we interested, simply because our Main aim is to help people pass the Life in the UK test on their first attempt with us even if they have waited until the last minute, or whether they have 1 week to study, or even if they have failed 10 times before!. She was the nicest possible student that anyone could expect, it was a delight to teach her.

Better late than never! This is what we did

Although she waited until the last minute, she did the one thing that made the difference that most of the others think they will get around to doing later. That is she got in touch with me and told me that she would like to make sure that she would Pass!. So I invited her to join our 100% guaranteed training program which would get her ready in  just 5 hours, you can see this at

(Register here for instant access

Then I rearranged my other lessons, because Zeyna’s test was in just 24 hours, because usually I am very busy with lessons, but I always find time to help people.


we got started. She started like all the others and I could see clearly how well she was progressing with each lesson that we did. This made a huge difference to her level of confidence and comfort.

During training everything went well… and then Just before the test….

She was panicking!… she never told me or let me in on the fact that she was worried and panicked. Remember I told you how nice and pleasant she was… so she probably thought it would be rude to let me know that she was worried  But with my experience I picked this up from her voice and other signs. Also Everyone panics before the test, so just imagine having our guidance to make you confident and comfortable for the test? that is right… that is exactly what happens during our training..

So what did I do? I got her to repeat some of the exercises and based on our experience of similar students I used some clever short cuts that cut down the study time even more drastically.

This really helped to move her Focus away from worry and panic to reach the understanding that she already had the knowledge to Pass, what every she was yet to learn, we would focus on that so that she would position herself to be able to answer ANY and ALL questions that they give her on her final test!.

Then after the test I got this phone call from her

Oh my God James I passed!!!.

I knew the answer to every question,

I can’t believe it only took a 5 hour lesson, thank u sooo much I really appreciate it,

 I’ve also recommended u to my friends.

Thank you again.

This is why I am telling you this

I am writing this to say that I feel really blessed and Happy about being able to make a difference to many people in my own way, to be able to help people make a difference in their life! Thank you again to all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve you!

With greatest gratitude.



If you still have not Passed the test, then we have the exact help you need. It really does not matter why you have not done the test yet, because we can help you!

If you have any questions about passing the Life in the UK test, ESOL test or even the driving test Just Call me NOW on 02070971422

by the way I don’t have screen shots of messages that she sent because she did not even have time to setup Skype! so we used phone calls and emails :). There is Always a way and Everything is possible!