Racket on deportation: Nigerian High Commission in the United Kingdom is being asked to be probed by the Federal Government

…fears that Nigerians numbering 500 are to be repatriated illegally
Igho Akeregha the Civil Liberties Organisation’s National President has requested President Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of urgency get the activities of the London High Commission of the country probed with regards to an intended expulsion on November 24, 2015 from the United Kingdom of 500 Nigerians.
Akeregha stated this yesterday while he was speaking in Lagos during a briefing to the media, that the Civil Liberties Organisation had reason to have the belief that a lot of the Nigerians that are going to be deported on Tuesday were casualties of the deceitful dealings of a group supposedly comprising of corrupt immigration officers of Nigeria and their overseas collaborators in the United Kingdom office of the embassy of Nigeria.
The CLO president stated that there was the need to have the attention of the CG, Controller General, of Customs, Immigration, President Buhari, and other officers that are relevant at the entry points of the country to the noxious and wicked plans by United Kingdom based authorities and officials that are corrupt in the High Commission of Nigeria in the United Kingdom to on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 illegally deport quite a number of Nigerians.
Although an acknowledgement was made by Akherega to countries’ rights to have unlawful immigrants who were constituting nuisance inside their regions to be repatriated, he stated emphatically that transparency and due process must be followed whenever such actions were to be done.
The Civil Liberties Organisation stated that is was especially annoyed that at the Nigerian High Commission in London a particular deputy immigration attaché was linked allegedly to the fraud and corruption in the Nigerians’ unlawful deportations. The allegation is that the official is deemed to skim off the 3,000 pounds sterling provided for by the United Kingdom authorities on each deportee as a way to reduce any of the deportees sufferings. The CLO stated that the stealing of the money was being performed in active cooperation with a couple of the officials of the United Kingdom.
Aside from getting deportees short changed of their money, the official who is a female (name withheld) is equally accused of going to extra miles to have unwary immigrants in the United Kingdom lured into a trap in which they get taken hold off and extradited to Nigeria straight away while the money that had been allotted to the unfortunate person that is so repatriated gets taken by her.
The president of the CLO added that there were occasions in which immigrants whose papers had expired or whose documentations had hitches which were minor and were awaiting correction from the right agencies in the United Kingdom were turned into victims.
Sunday Mirror discovered that these events were being heavily scrutinized by the Chairman of the TCLP, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, in the United Kingdom Alexia Thomas. As a result of his activism, an international airline which belongs to Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic, discontinued the venture of having Nigerians repatriated from the United Kingdom.
The government is being urged by the CLO to have any airliner detained which brings back Nigerians numbering 500 into the country so that the matter can be thoroughly investigated.