A man who was providing fake advice to immigrants has been sentenced to jail

An Indian national, Mahesh Vora was accused of fraudulent behaviour toward people who requested immigrations advice from him, under the impression that he was legally qualified to do so.

He had been practicing the trade for long enough to amass a very large sum of money gained from his activities.

The man, who lived in Wembley, was pretending to be an immigration advisor, and would take large sums of money from his clients who he provided with inefficient and often obvious advice.

After taking the money from his victims, Vora would attempt suspend all contact with them in order to reduce the likelihood of them recognising the fact that the situation was illegitimate.

He would actively take steps to avoid the victims for as long as possible, which often caused a large degree of concern in those who had not already figured out that the man was not actually qualified in any way to serve them in the way he had said he would.

During his prosecution, the judge who sentenced him was quoted to have said:

“You have no experience, training or knowledge to advise in this area of work. You allowed persons to put their trust and future in you.
You took a considerable sum of money from them and then avoided them over a long period of time, you then avoided contact with them. This was a serious offence given the amount of money (involved).”

Mahesh Vora was caught in the process of running his fraudulent enterprise when the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner received complaints from disgruntled Indian nationals who had sought advice from the scammer and found that he was neither qualified or knowledgeable about the subject which he had forged a profession of.

The fraud advisor has beem sentenced to 20 weeks of prison, suspended for 24 months.

Alongside the prison time, he was also charged with 150 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay a sum of £3750 in compensation to the families which he had affected with his business.

Suzanne MaCarthy, the Immigration Services Commissioner, said:

“Illegally providing immigration advice is a serious offence, and the sentence handed down today reflects this.
Peddling illegal immigration advice ruins people’s lives”

Those who had invested money into Vora’s service generally had a small amount of money at hand, making the fraud very damaging to them, and the families who supported them.

All illegal activity in the immigration sector is under heavy pressure by both the government and public through recent actions, where they have took to making the immigration more systematic and airtight. The situation which Mr Vora had produced was both harmful for those who he lied to, and the government in which he supposedly spoke for.

Immigration has become a very high profile subject within the last few years, and the Tory party seeks to rework what was becoming a very inefficient system.