Student To Be Deported

In what most view as a ruthless move, the Home Office refused to renege on its tough stance of deporting a young nineteen year old student. Yashika Bageerathi, along with her mother, younger brother and younger sister all came to the United Kingdom in 2011 on a normal visitor’s visa. They applied for asylum in the United Kingdom so as to escape a physically abusive family member. Originally from Mauritius, the family did not want to return to their country for fear of being attacked. Their application was being processed and all seemed to be going well. However, while the application was still under process, Yashika grew up and became a major from a minor. This led to her application being considered separately from her mother’s since she was older than eighteen years. Unfortunately for her, her application was denied. What’s worse, she is about to finish her A levels and her imminent deportation makes this highly improbable.

All the students of her school, led by her school principal, Lynne Dawes, protested against her deportation. They used technology and social media to bolster their campaign and garnered over a hundred and thirty thousand signatures on an online petition. They took this signed petition and tried to appeal to the Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, and the Home Secretary, Theresa May. Alas, their effort was in vain. The Home Ministry refused to budge. However, their bolstered campaign gained momentum and became a ‘high profile campaign’. This was sufficient to convince the British Airlines to not allow Yashika Bageerathi on the flight which was to deport her and take her back to Mauritius. This however was but a short lived breather.

In a double blow, the Home Ministry then wrote a letter to Yashika’s mother informing her that her application for asylum had been rejected. This put the mother in an extremely precarious situation. She faces deportation along with her children. Yashika’s principal, who was with Mrs. Bageerathi when she got the letter bearing terrible news, said that the mother of three looked like she would faint. Needless to say, it was extremely shocking and the prospect of returning to extremely abusive household is not a good one. The really sad thing is that Yashika is an exceptionally bright student and deserves an excellent education. Her school is very riled up about the possibility of losing her due to pesky immigration laws.

Due to all this, the school students and the school itself has worked hard to prevent Yashika’s seemingly imminent deportation. The schools lawyers have already filed and lost one injunction to allow Yashika to stay in the country at least till she finishes her A levels. However, the campaign by the students also managed to prevent Yashika’s second deportation flight. The Mauritian Airlines flight which was arranged after the first failed attempt, too refused to carry her. The Home Office has said it does not comment on individual cases, and hence, will not be making any public statements regarding Yashika Bageerathi’s case.