UK Invitation Letter for Sponsorship Declaration


I had a lot of requests for this letter from followers of this site, so I made the decision to post a copy here. What you now need to do is copy it and put in your information based on your circumstances. This letter is used to get a visitor’s visa only. This should not be used for settlement as the wording would be different. This letter does not need to be signed by a layer.

I hope it works for all of you


Mr. Mr. Raul Bale

145 Heart Street





January 25 2014


The British High Commission

New Deli



Subject: Visitors Visa-Mr. Shernath Gupsign


I am making this application on the behalf of Mr. Shernath Gupsign to visit the United Kingdom for a 3 month period. Mr. Gupsign will be visiting his family members in the UK. Mr. Gupsign is my uncle and he lives in India.



I am standing as his sponsor and will take full financial responsibility for him while he stays in the UK along with his travelling expenses. I have not seen my uncle in over 10 years and would appreciate a chance to see him.


My uncle’s visit would see him meeting my wife along with my kids whom he has never seen. This would give him the opportunity to meet some of his extended family.


Mr. Shernath Gupsign is fascinated by the culture of Britain and will be visiting the country’s most historic site such as Buckingham Palace and the world famous Tower Bridge. His visit would make him able to attend my daughter’s high school graduation which will be held on March 01 2014.


My uncle lives with his wife and 2 of his sons. He is much attached to them as they support his care and wellbeing so he intends to go back to India at the end of his visit.


I am currently serving in the Royal Army where I am stationed at Hyde Park Barracks in London. My salary is £ 43 000 annually. I have my own apartment with 4 bed rooms so there is enough space for my uncle.


I assure you I will support Mr. Gupsign in accommodation and take full financial responsibility for him so he won’t need access to public funds. I will finance any medical expense he has during his visit.


I would greatly appreciate your assistance in issuing Mr. Gupsign and visitor’s visa.





Raul Bale


Sponsorship Declaration

1. Sponsor’s Name: Mr. Raul Bale

2. D.O.B: 6/8/1980

3. Place of birth: New Deli India

4. Occupation of Sponsor: Army Sergeant

5. Address of Employee: 145 Heart Street Stratford LondonSY3 4YT

6. Earnings of Sponsor: £ 43 000

7. Sponsor Bank Account: Barclay’s Bank £ 15000

8. House Details: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, dining room, garage

9. Passport: 3468754321 20th June 1996 Manchester




I Mr. Raul Bale hereby declare that if the above name is granted temporary leave to remain in the United Kingdom, I will take full responsibility financial responsibility for him during his visit.


If he needs any medical attention, I also will take full financial responsibility and will not let him have recourse to public funds.





Raul Bale