Voting For UKIP Is Voting For A Closed UK

The United Kingdom Independence Party is a relatively new political party. Conceived in 1993, it is a right wing populist party that prides itself on its Eurosceptic ideologies. The Party has made no secret about wishing to leave the European Union, introduce large tax cuts and humongous public spending cuts. It wants to increase defence spending, student grants, prisons and grammar schools. And probably its most controversial agendas: ban equal marriages, wind energy farms and the proposed high speed two railway transit system. Needless to say, this is a very idiotic ideology in modern times. It harks back to a time when Great Britain was an absolutist monarchy focusing solely on the annexation of new territories instead of the development of its people and culture. While, at the time, it was essential in shaping the United Kingdom to its glorious present condition, it is now an impractical impossibility. In the modern world, it is important to live harmoniously with an increased focus on international relations over individual benefits.

While every country must work to benefit its own citizens, it cannot do so by ignoring the needs of the rest of the world. The United Kingdom Independence Party has been a strong campaigner of leaving the European Union; however, it does not seem to realize the folly of its actions. If it does succeed in its bid to have the United Kingdom leave the European Union, it will deprive the country of a huge market of millions of consumers at absolutely no tariffs or charges. Not to mention the extreme problems that United Kingdom citizens will face when travelling to any other European Union member country. There will be the issue of visas and travel permits. Probably the most troubling issue will be that of work permits. The citizens of the United Kingdom will lose access to a huge job market and potentially, thousands of jobs. Though the United Kingdom Independence Party says that the split from the European Union will be amicable, this is but a dream. It is realistically impossible to have an amicable split of this nature. Simply the scale of the split prevents it from being favorable. The Party has often claimed that the United Kingdom can choose to continue following some of the European Union’s policies, this is a foolish dream. Why will any other European Union member state allow the United Kingdom to choose the policies it wants to follow and adopt and the policies it wants to shun? Any successful international agreement is based on equality and this must be adapted by all parties involved.

Though leaving the European Union does offer some short term benefits, the consequences of this will be nothing short of disastrous in the long run. Every vote for the United Kingdom Independence Party is thus a vote for a closed, stand – alone United Kingdom which oppresses free trade, scoffs at women’s rights, censors the modern media and penalizes free rational thought!