What is the Best Way to Pass the Life in the UK Test?

If you are determined about migrating to a certain country, it follows that you have to take certain measures to ensure your eligibility and in the case of migrating to the United Kingdom, you need to pass the Life in the UK Test.

Inevitably, certain fears are bound to creep up before you take the exam, this is why it is essential to be very well prepared before you start.

Here are a few tips that can help you:

First, there are the tricky multiple choice questions. Some questions in the exam have more than one correct answer. This will require you to choose ALL the answers that apply to the given question. Sometimes, you will be given the choice to select “all of the above” but you should only choose that response if you are absolutely sure that it is the right answer to what is being asked.  This is where careful reading and consideration will come into play. Do not just breeze through the items carelessly, you need to ponder on each statement so that you can be sure whether one answer, all of the above, or multiple answers are required for each item.

Second, be sure you take the practice tests seriously. Why? This is because the practice test is designed to be more difficult than the actual exam. This is a matter of preparing the applicants very well and erring on the side of difficulty ensures that the actual test will be a lot easier than the practice exam. So, once you are preparing for the actual test, it is essential that you get good scores during practice. This will give you better confidence in being able to get all the questions right and as an added bonus, you will be more relaxed on the day of the test.
Third, you must NEVER think about cheating. Please be mindful of the fact that a computer will select 24 questions at random so this ensures that you and the person sitting next to you will not get the same test items. This preserves the integrity of the exam and is a fail-safe against cheating and other fraudulent activities in the Life in the UK exam. Once again, it is vital that you have a working knowledge of all the questions and this is achieved by aiming for good scores beforehand in the practice test.

Fourth, polish up your English vocabulary. You may encounter words such as “lorry” (meaning, truck) or “solicitor” (British term for lawyer) that may not be familiar to you. Some people have missed to answer certain items because they were not familiar with the vocabulary in the different choices.  Your vocabulary has to be on par with ESOL Entry 3 or higher.

In conclusion, you need to be sure that you have studied extensively (Training >>> http://lifeuk.info/blog/free-life-in-the-uk-test-training/) and are psychologically and academically prepared (Questions >>> http://lifeuk.info/new-Life-in-the-UK-Test/) before you take the Life in the UK test. Passing is a matter of getting the majority of the answers right, but a significant factor is your state of mind and that is determined by your preparedness. We hope you have found these tips useful.