New Immigration Minister Scores ‘Own Goal’

James Brokenshire’s infamous speech ruffled more than just a few feathers. His speech conveyed that ordinary citizens of the United Kingdom were not earning any benefits from the large stream of migrant labor. According to him, all the benefits were being accorded to a select few individuals whom he termed ‘wealthy metropolitan elite’. He explained that they wanted to avail services at very low rates and wanted cheap tradesmen. He went on to say that employers also raked a huge benefit due to the migrants serving as a large source of cheap, unskilled labor. He also blamed these migrants for driving down prices in the British job market and creating an unfair amount of competition in the market.

Apart from being ignorant and ill researched, his speech seemed to carelessly take a jibe at the British Prime Minister David Cameron who employs non – European Union citizens as a nanny for his kids. The current nanny is of Australian descent and his previous nanny was a Nepalese national. The speech created waves with the press rushing to 10, Downing Street for comments. The spokesperson at the Prime Minister’s residence however refused to comment. All queries regarding the descent of employees of other ministers were also turned down. They were deemed impertinent to the speech.

Senior Tory Party members were miffed with the speech and said it was akin to a football team scoring its own goal. The major opposition to the Tory Party is the United Kingdom Independence Party. They have been very vocal in their disdain for Tory members, often likening them to detached wealthy metropolitan elite. The speech delivered by the Immigrations Minister, James Brokenshire, serves to reaffirm that belief. Thus, it erodes the voters’ trust of the Tory Party.

Apart from this shocking declaration, the speech dropped many more bombs. The speech promised to reduce the rising immigration into Britain. This caused an outcry from businessmen who oppose the move. They believe that this crackdown on immigration will adversely impact employees and hence the businesses. They maintain the position that as Britain is still recovering from the economic meltdown, steps should be taken to promote business instead of hindering it. They say that the recovery process is a very fragile one and could very well be reversed by a move as radical as that suggested by Mr. James Brokenshire.

Mr. James Brokenshire has also targeted international students, sparking widespread outrage from academics. He has accused students of being migrant labor entering the United Kingdom to work under the guise of being a student. His speech has drawn sharp criticism from all sects of the United Kingdom. The fact that his own party has unofficially rebuked him is a testament to this. Most people are expecting 10, Downing Street to organize a restructuring of the staff. Many speculate that after the speech, all the Tory Party ministers in power have no option but to let go of all migrant workers, irrespective of their legality. They are bound to face heavy scrutiny.