New immigration policies made family ties difficult

David Cameron has claimed that his government will focus on family ties as this is the most sacred institution that must be protected. However, the policies made by his government are quite the contrary. Instead of ensuring and encouraging immigrating families of their support, the new visa policies have actually made it difficult for families to move together.

Cameron’s move is aimed at getting more votes than the UK Independence Party. The focus on family ties has been the trumo card for most political partied to draw in more votes.

According to amendments made to immigration laws back in 2012, the rights of British citizens wanting to sponsor their spouses to accompany them were severely restrained.

The latest regulations were particularly hard on the middle-lower class families. Very strict financial criteria were announced and it became almost impossible for this section of society to fulfill them. One of these incapacitating rules were that if a British citizen is earning an annual income of below £18,600 and has an increase for each child, which amounts to £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for every child thereafter, then they will be refused the right to bring their spouse into the country.There is no exception or revision of rules for any potential earnings by the spouse.

This has put families into a very difficult situation as they have only two choices open; either home or family. If they fit the category they have to either live a life of separation from their partner or leave the United Kingdom.
The one silver lining to the clouds for these families is the rules of the European Economic Area family permit. Under these rules, an EU national can not only live and work in the United Kingdom, but also bring in their spouse. This is where the UK Immigration Home Office becomes helpless. They simply cannot refuse residence to these families. If they do, it would tantamount to violation of their agreement with the European Economic Area Committee.
Under these regulations, a Finnish man married to a Brazilian can easily settle in England without having to worry about the income threshold rules of the Home Office.

Absurdly, if you think about it, under the EEA family permit rules, a British citizen can settle in any other European Union country with his wife of choice except in the country to which he belongs, i.e. Britain. Therefore, one can safely say that instead of making life for immigrants difficult, the immigration policies of the UK actually victimize British citizens.

This is where the British citizens have to turn to the Surinder Singh route, which offers a way around the UK immigration rules. All they have to do, is settle and work in another European Union member state for a minimum of three months, they will be eligible to move to England with their families under protection of the European Union Law.

It is because of these reasons, where people with dual nationalities, i.e. that of Britain and another of an EU country, have to give up their British nationality in order to be able to have a normal family life in the United Kingdom. These are the regulation that even the High Court has described as being ’unjustified’, ‘onerous’ and ‘disproportionate’, but, unfortunately legal.