New Life in the UK Test FREE Training Day 2

Hello Again :),

Welcome to the 2nd day of your FREE training!

As explained on the website, this is a free 7-days service, no need to purchase or pay anything. If someone sends you an email that says you need to pay for this training, please let us know by sending a message to .

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I believe that you have done well on the first day of the course. If you think you haven’t, then you can always review ( and retake the Chapter 1 Test ( for that particular chapter.

If you have clicked the link and read the summary, you will notice that the summary is written in an outline format. This is because it is easier to read, and vital information is always highlighted, unlike reading it in paragraph format where you will have to scour for items that might appear on the test.

A good habit, as mentioned on the first email also, is to take notes while reading the chapter summary. Jot down notes every time you read about something that you find difficult to remember, For example like someone important (i.e. “Suffragettes”). Especially if you think you will NOT remember it or that it’s too boring to remember!. Especially pay attention to the names of people and their contribution, names of events or dates. After some time you can use these notes in place of our already highly summarised notes. You can actually take these notes to the test centre for last minute preparation! But please note that you CAN’T take the notes inside the test room where you will sit for the real exam !!!

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Now, let us proceed and read Chapter 2 summary of the book (This is the shortest chapter in the whole book !), “What is the UK” at In this chapter you will learn about the countries which make up the UK.

Once you read the Chapter 2 summary you can take the online test for Chapter 2 here (

If you need to read or study more, please go back and read summary of Chapter 2 ( And then try the test again. This time you will do a lot better!

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If you have questions about the Life in the UK test, please email us at or reply to this message or alternatively, you can visit our website by clicking this link.

Again, thank you for studying with us!.

James Hall