New Life in the UK Test FREE Training Day 3

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Welcome to the 3rd day of the course!

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If you feel you need to revisit the previous chapters, you can do so by visiting this the links below
1. Chapter 2 Summary ==>
2. Chapter 2 Test ==>

Are you having trouble, reviewing and preparing for the test? That might be because you are taking in too much information or maybe because you are preparing for an exam after a long time! This is perfectly normal !. Remember, cramming is bad practice, especially before taking a test like this one.

A good practice is to just read slowly, take your own time to understand the details of every point in the summary. Divide the chapter summaries into smaller more manageable sections , and even smaller subsections. Be sure to take notes on every section / subsection of the summary. Then, if you feel that you have read and understood that particular section, you can proceed to the next section.

It’s better if you do this at a quiet place, for example, your room (don’t forget to put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign, or tell your housemates to not disturb you while you are studying). Doing this would greatly help you in your passing the Life in the UK test.

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Now it’s time for our review Chapter 3 of the official handbook, “A long and illustrious history”. As the name implies, this chapter details the Historical events and people that have helped to shape the UK.
We have broken chapter 3 into 8 simple Parts to make it easier for you to study
Please read the below

After reviewing Chapter 3 summary above , you are welcome to take The chapter 3 exam at
again don’t be intimidated by the size of this chapter! Take your own time , we suggest spending at least 3-4 days on this chapter.

You will receive the lesson for day 4 tomorrow, but don’t rush !, first finish this chapter (3) and then try chapter 4 when ever you are ready!

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