New Life in the UK Test FREE Training Day 5

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Welcome to the 5th day of the course!
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And so, we have come to the last chapter, of the Life in the UK official handbook, Chapter 5, “The UK Government, the law and your role”. This chapter is about the UK’s democratic system of government and will help you understand your role in the wider community.

But we will put off reviewing Chapter 5 for another day. Instead, we will review the previous chapters, Chapters 1-4. Think of this day as your refresher day!.

By this time, you might have studied and remembered many important facts about the United Kingdom. Studying the previous chapters gave you a new and a broader understanding of the different countries that consist of the United Kingdom and how things work in the UK.

And also, by this time, you might have memorized important dates and other vital information about the United Kingdom. It’s hard to memorize information from the previous 4 chapters, but I will share with you a secret that might help you in memorizing this information more efficiently.

You can make information from the smart study summary much easier to remember by assigning mnemonics. Mnemonics, according to Wikipedia, is a learning aid to improve recall, and using mnemonics will greatly help you in memorizing those information.

For example, what are the four countries of the United Kingdom? They are Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland. Notice the bolded letters, it spells “NEWS”. Or even better, make a funny sentence like, “Nay! England Was Saved!”

While I admit that particular line wasn’t funny enough, that was only an example and you should make your own. Yes, it’s silly, but it’s proven its worth, even on different aspects of learning. Humor is a powerful memory trigger.

Meanwhile, according to the NEWS, “People Got Devout Already”. (Mnemonic for the patron saints of the different countries of the UK)

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Now, we review the previous chapters (1-4) of the handbook. Please visit these links for reference and practice:
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After reviewing the chapter summaries, take the sample chapter tests for those chapters:

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