New Life in the UK Test FREE Training Day 6

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Welcome to the 6th day of the course!

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We are nearing the completion of our 7 days training for the Life in the UK test. If you feel that you need to review the previous chapters, please click here >>>  to access the previous chapter summaries.

Remember what I told you before on the 2nd day of the course? You should always take notes. By now, you must have written and filled up about 10-20 pages on your notebook. You can still condense these notes and reduce them to just 5-10 pages or less.

Remember the Mnemonics from yesterday? Apply and make your own mnemonics to memorize information (see previous examples). This is a great trick to reduce the number of pages in your notes.
Doing these steps, you have reduced the amount of pages from 20 to just 10 or less. These notes didn’t change in content, you only made them more concise and condensed than before.
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We then proceed to review the last chapter, “The UK government, the law and your role”. This chapter will tell you about the UK’s democratic system of government and will help you understand your role in the wider community.

As usual, take down notes. Read the smart study summary notes for chapter 5

and if and when you are ready, take the practice test for Chapter 5 here >>>

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If you have questions about the Life in the UK test, please email us at or you can contact us via our website by clicking this link >>>

Again, thank you for studying with us!.

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