New rules for English Language for migrant workers in the public sector

Fluent English would have to now be spoken by workers in education, health, and other duties that have direct dealings with the public

Under a new immigration crackdown, workers who are migrants are now going to be stopped from jobs in the public sector that are front line except they communicate in English.
Under proposals which the Immigration Bill contains, unlawful immigrants are also going to be jailed if they are discovered driving a vehicle in the United Kingdom.

Landlords who keep in their houses unlawful migrants can equally get jailed for as much as five years while employers who are rogue might have their ventures shut down.
The crackdown is a segment of the drive by the Government to make life as difficult as possible for the unlawful migrants and make for them a United Kingdom that is less attractive.

Based on the laws which are being planned, workers in education, health, local authorities, and other functions which have direct dealings with people in the public are going to be required to communicate fluently in English. Migrants who possess these employments are going to be required to show that they can communicate properly in English, even though information on how this is going to be examined has still not been revealed to the public. In the future a code of practice will be published for employers.

Additional measures will ensure that anyone in the country illegally discovered behind a steering wheel would be imprisoned for up to six months, a fine that would be unlimited and the seizure of their vehicle. Officers of enforcement of immigration are going to be provided with the power to have properties and people searched as well as seizing suspected unlawful immigrants’ driving licences.

Individuals who are employed in the country illegally are going to have their emoluments seized and imprisoned for up to six months.
While getting the bill published, James Brokenshire the Immigration Minister stated that there was clarity in the message. Once an individual is in the country unlawfully, they would be denied the entitlement of collecting the everyday services and benefits that are available for hard-working United Kingdom families and individuals who have arrived into the country lawfully to make a contribution.

The Minister stated that whether it was driving a car, possessing a bank account, renting a flat, or being employed, the new Bill on Immigration was going to assist them to take actions that were tougher on those who broke the law than ever before.

Recently, ministers have been heavily criticized over the manner the Calais crisis was being handled, while net migration is said to be at record levels based on last month’s official figures, which has dealt David Cameron’s goal of cutting the index to five figures a devastating blow.
Additional proposals contained in the bill comprise of forcing banks to crosscheck migrant databases against their current accounts and the power to have off-licenses and late-night takeaways closed if they are discovered to have in their employments workers who do not have any lawful rights to be in the country.
A removal centre for immigration has been forced to make more cultural diversity to be in its menu after it was shown through figures that from 82 different countries was where detainees had come from.

A report about the situations at the Verne IRC (Immigration Removal Centre) situated in Dorset stated that the meals were not adequately diverse in a cultural way and they were criticized for not possessing a kitchen that was cultural for inmates to have their own food cooked by themselves.

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons additionally stated that menus should be published in a wide variety of various languages.