New rules on immigration to the United Kingdom: will it affect you

Starting April 2016, workers who are migrants will require an earning of not less than £35,000 to be shortlisted for relocation in the United Kingdom. Is this going to be of any effect to your existence in the nation?

According to a guideline by government which is proposed to be implemented in April 2016, migrants who are not from the EU and have spent over five years as employees in the nation are now going to be expected to make £35,000 annually otherwise they would be deported. The proposed guideline which was made public in 2012 by Theresa May the British Home Secretary has been heavily criticized by the Royal College of Nursing this week. They are expecting that the health service would be put into chaos and admonished the Home office to include nursing on the compilation of jobs excluded from the rules and have the threshold on salary reconsidered.

However the changes are not only going to be of effect on nurses. Statistics on migration made public in may showed that work related migration that was not from within Europe increased in 2014 by 24,000 to 68,000, with almost the entire amount arriving on visas for work that is skilled. £35,000 is a remuneration that would have no impact on anyone who works in money and investment jobs or, for that matter, information technology, however there are a lot of other segments of the economy with employee who are going to be required to leave once the threshold on salary becomes operational.

For a long time, residency has been approved based on the period of time of being resident in the United Kingdom in addition to previously held relationships to the nation. The proposed guideline is a portion of the plans of the government to bring down net figures on annual migration.

We wish to hear from individuals who these changes are probably going to affect.