Office of the Prime Minister to Hold Back Report on Immigration

A new report has now emerged which indicates that the initial effect of immigration is nowhere near what we first thought. These new finding shows us that the statistics for 100 immigrants 23 British would be unemployed, is way less than was originally thought. However, the Office of the Prime Minister has hold back on the publication of this report.


However the government said that internal documents were not use to makes comments but Theresa May, the Home Secretary in the past publicly used these statistics. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) was responsible for the researched that founded the original statistics of 100 immigrant, 23 British citizens would be unemployed.



The report, which a segment to the MAC research, was ready for published from last year. This report would have indicated that the figure thought to be for 100 immigrants, 23 British would be unemployed is way less than was previously thought. The Prime Minister’s team had prevented the report from being published amid fear it would cause controversy.

Government will be unlikely to achieve its 2015 goal of having net immigration reduced to less than 100 000 immigrants according to released statistics this week. A research like this is politically harmful for ministers trying to get tougher with immigration laws.

Mrs. May has faced continued opposition from the Liberal Democrats in her attempts to curtail immigration and this issues can be considered as fault-line for the government. Even on her side, David Willetts, a conservative is also causing problems for Mrs. May. Mr. Willetts, the universities minister wants to disallow a restriction on the number of foreign nationals attending UK universities.


‘Long-term plan’

Officials from the Home Office, in parts is said to believe the report is favoritism in favor of officials linked to migration in the Treasury and the Foreign Office. In light of this, all departments which involves in immigration has agreed with the new report.


Julian Huppert Member of Parliament and a Liberal in an interview with BBC Newsnight, said it was obvious that the new findings should be made public as soon as possible.


‘Big impact’

Davis Hanson, of the Labour Party also agreed on the publication of the new report so the public can have their opinions in determining how immigration affects their job security.


Stephen Barclay a MP for the ruling party has raises the issue of the government not being clear as they labeled this report as being nonsense. Additionally, he believes the effects of immigration are major and cited his constituency Cambridgeshire which immigration has affected public service, housing and wage deflation.


According to a government spokesperson, part of the government long-term economic plan is to reduce immigration so the economy can benefit hardworking persons. They also a bulk of the report is in agreement with measures to curtail immigration.

Therefore the government should make the right provision for accurate research report into immigration, thus avoiding the release of misleading information which place immigration in more negative spotlight.