In order to safeguard rules on migration germany ready to grant uk leaving eu

Angela Merkel the German Chancellor is reported to have admonished David Cameron that she preferred to watch UK go away from the EU than change stance as regards moving freely in the EU.

A magazine Der Spiegel stated that credible sources in government said that she was worried that UK was already gone.
But Chancellor George Osbonr refused to accept the tale, calling it rumours regarding how Germany was going to reply to any changes in UK’s policy.

He however stated that they would behave in the interest of the country in handling the issues about immigrants. He had informed BBC Breakfast that worries about problems with the systems of benefits were resulting in mush displeasure but that the UK was going to handle other negotiations properly.

Mr. Cameron wants to dialogue the agreement on UK’s staying a member before he brings it out for public voting.
The prime minister has stated that easy movement of employees would be at the center of his re-dialogue for Europe.
However, Mrs. Merkel was quoted as saying that she was adamant on no longer supporting the UK being a member of the EU if he did not stop asking for a change in migration.

The warning by the German chancellor to Mr. Cameron was said to have arrived in a conference on the recent EU meeting in Brussels.
Quoting government sources, Der Spiegel said that this was the initial time that Mrs. Merkel would accept that the UK could leave the EU.
Germany had already refused to accept a suggestion to add quotas on low-talented EU migrants by reducing the numbers of national insurance given to them. This revelation was made by the Sunday Times.
Der Spiegel revealed that the British prime minister was presently searching for s proposal to bend the rules of the EU in order to completely stop jobless migrants, and to forcefully send back home those who cannot fend for themselves.

David Davis the Conservative MP admitted to the importance of Mrs. Merkel’s personality but stated that she was still not a tough woman. He predicted that she was not going to be immune from similar pressure from inside Germany to control immigration from nations with smaller wages.
He said on the Today programme of the BBC that any British personnel requesting for a Germany – approved re-negotiating procedure to be fired from office.
Only on Sunday, Kenneth Clarke a former justice secretary and now Conservative MP lent his voice in support of migration in the EU. For him, if there was going to be one market, and the desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with America and China and other nations, then they required to have labour that was free to move around. He made this known on Sunday Politics, a BBC programme.
According to a spokesman at Downing Street, Mr. Cameron was going to make a statement before Christmas on immigration. The prime minister is expected to place the interest of the country above any other thing.