PASS the ESOL B1 Exam on your FIRST Attempt!


Just imagine walking in to your test centre FULL of Confidence because you know that you are FULLY Prepared for anything (snow, computer failure, or even a rude examiner ), and then taking the interview, in a Very Calm and a Relaxed way,Even Enjoying the experience and having Fun knowing that you have given it your best shot, by preparing methodically. Then having successfully completed the test, walking out of the test centre with your Pass result.

That is what our students experience with our training program.

You need to Pass the B1 test before you apply for

Indefinite Leave to Remain (IRL) or

British Citizenship.

What we do:

We prepare you fully before your test and We give a 100% unbeatable guarantee to teach you until you Pass.

We advice on the best way to prepare for the test, and also the best way to approach the interviews and topics. There are are a number of Critical things that we focus on and get you to practice so that you will have a every chance of success.

So simply put, out training will HUGELY increase your chances of success simply because we know and teach the things that matter.

You will be studying the correct material approved by the government

Are you studying the correct things?

You have to be very specific about the grammatical structures and the language functions that you have to use in this exam.

This is Rita’s story…
Rita studied with me for her Life in the UK test, and successfully passed on her first attempt.
Then she got in touch again to say that she needed help with the ESOL B1 test.This is what happened to her..

Our ESOL B1 training is even more popular these days.

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