Paul Passed the Life in the UK test! and so can you

“I have only this month to apply for my Indefinite leave to remain in the UK” but I took the life in the UK test and Failed!
That’s the first thing Paul said when he contacted me.

Have you not passed the Life in the UK test yet?

Then read this, I am still feeling really special about this achievement!

Read until the End to find out why…..

Here is Paul’s story….

When Angela, who is Paul’s wife contacted me on skype ( for the first time and said that Paul had failed the Life in the UK test several times I was happy to help. But then they said something rather strange. That Paul was struggling to Pass the test, but was not interested in our training!. Just to make matters worse, he was facing a strict deadline to apply for his Visa!!!!

He had already Failed the life in the UK test very Badly!!!, his score was 9 out of 24 questions, this was a very Bad Fail! (you need to get 18 questions correct to Pass, so we had a lot of work to do :), but before that I had to make sure that they understood the criticalness, so his Visa was expiring in a JUST a few Days, so we just had 1 week to get him ready and Pass the Life in the UK test, he had No other option but to Pass this time). My main task was to convince them of the seriousness of the situation and get them to realise that Paul needed help with his life in the UK test. Teaching was to come next and teaching was the easier part!

So they had so many questions like “James… how can you help me to pass?”

I said, The course you need is

Our study system will prepare you for the test in just 5 hours. Simply 1 hour per day, we study for 5 days.

It’s only £100 for the full course

then a few more questions about the course… overall they had a lot of questions 🙂

I was so busy, with so many students wanting to Pass on their first attempt, also I had a lot of students who had failed several times before they came to us!

Also were not sure whether we will be able to do what we promised, to train him in just 5 hours 🙂 but more about that later ….


I knew I had to somehow find the time to help, Paul was up against a firm deadline to apply for visa and also he had failed several times, otherwise things would get messy for both of them!.

After another attempt at the test without using our training, they realised that our training would make the critical difference. So we go started. Initially his progress was very slow, but to Paul’s credit he kept at it during the training. As the training progressed, He grew in confidence and he was feeling a lot more positive and confident, I could just hear that in his voice 🙂

He was very very keen, that was a huge difference from the Paul I met when he started our training 🙂 and he wanted to practice more.

“Hi James,I am doing my test on Tuesday morning,please is their any test for me to practices on what is uk,A modern, thriving society,the value and the principles of the uk,and the uk government ,the law and your role, so I can do practices from there,the once you give me I have been practicing it . please help.thanks alots I really want to pass this one thus time”

So I told him that he had done the required preparation, so just relax and enjoy the light revision I gave him 🙂 He simply could not believe how simple our training was!

Finally the test day arrived and then immediately after the test he sent me the message below!

“Thanks so very much, I just passed my live in the uk test

I very happy”

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 21.38.46







All in all another great achievement!
Congratulations to Paul!
If you haven’t Passed your Life in the UK test then these are the 3 main reasons what’s stopping you from passing! And what you can do about it, so that you will Pass with minimal hassle.


P.S. So in summary we have the skills the Experience, the knowledge and the ability to help anyone Pass the Life in the UK test 🙂  Our impressive results are at

You can try and read the Official book and try to pass the test, but the critical difference between reading the book on your own and our training is that with our training ( you will Pass on your first attempt! Whereas with the book, just like so many other will find that it’s a struggle to read it and understanding facts is a real battle and the result will be a Fail, because you failed to understand and remember the important FACTS!