Please read our terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions, these are very very important!

——— The course and the material are for YOUR USE ONLY! ——

You have purchased a single user license, The course and the material are for YOUR USE ONLY!

Please don’t share it with anyone else. We have systems in place to detect unauthorized sharing. If we detect such activity we will terminate you access with immediate effect, and you will forfeit access to our system.
————Technical difficulties———
If we face technical difficulties and are unable to conduct your class, we take full responsibility and provide you extra time so that you don’t miss out.
If you face technical difficulties (Internet not working, or broken laptop etc) then that is your responsibility, and we unfortunately can’t do anything about it!. So you are responsible for your technical difficulties. If you were to miss classes or arrive late to a class because you had a technical difficulty then your class will still start and end at the same time. We will be unable to extend the class. Please read the below for cancellations.

——Cancellations —–
Please note that you can cancel lessons but  you need to give at least 24 hours of notice via Email (because I then have a written record), so that I can use that time slot for another student! if notice is less than 24 hours then it’s considered as a lessons conducted.

—–Arriving late to class————
It is your responsibility to arrive on time. Please do not arrive late. I will start the class at the agreed upon time and will finish in 1 hour. If you arrive late,you can continue until the end of the 1 hour.
For example if you had a class at 10AM and you were to arrive at 10:30AM you can still study until 11AM and we would consider that as a completed lesson.

———100% Guarantee————
We give a 100% guarantee to teach you until you pass!. You need to attend all 5 classes (1 hour per class, so 5 hours in total) to receive this guarantee.
But if you miss one or more classes, then you do NOT get this guarantee any more! simply because if you don’t study with us, then you can’t pass.
if you were to arrive more than 15 minutes, late to on or more classes, then again we can’t give you the 100% guarantee because you did not do the minimum 5 hours with us.
Also it’s very important to complete the homework that we give you. If you don’t do the homework that we give then you automatically loose the chance of the 100% guarantee, because without these you cannot pass the test!
You need to Attend all the lessons, and follow our instructions for this 100% guarantee. For example if you decide to use our system and study on your own (that means not attending lessons and NOT following our instructions) then you are not eligible for the 100% guarantee.

For this 100% guarantee to be  valid, you need to register for training at least 2  weeks before your test. if you register for training later than  that,  we can still train  you but obviously we cannot  give the 100% guarantee.

If you register just 24 or 48  hours  or  less before the before your test, the above rule applies. In that case we cannot give  you the 100%  guarantee.

This 100% guarantee is ONLY offered to students who pay the full fee! If for any reason you did not pay the full fee (e.g. discount, special offer, scholarship) they you are NOT entitled to the guarantee.

——Booking the test—
Please book the test as soon as possible, after our training.  You can claim retraining under the 100% guaranteed pass for a period of  2 months after Training. So if you do the test after these 2 months this guarantee is NOT valid because, you can’t retain all the information we taught.

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds for any reason, after we have issued your username and password to our system, because you have full access to our material and there is a 100% guarantee to teach you until you pass.