What is required by the UK – higher immigration that is better managed

The very tough debate over changes in Britain’s immigration is causing much heat. Serious questions have been asked pertaining to migration and the management of the border and these have reached the level of quarrels and narrow-minded resolutions on number-based targets. This is al not going to be productive. They will affect the British economy’s growth and dynamism. Also, recent ideas like limits on migrants will not succeed in curtailing population issues and growth of the economy of Britain.

A research by the University College, London’s Centre for Research and Migration Analysis revealed that $20 billion was added to the economy of the UK between 2001 and 2011 by migrants. It also indicated that these migrants paid much higher taxes than the benefits that they collected or even transfers to cover health, education, and other expenses. This study is similar to previous ones, which have all shown that the advantages of immigration were more than the costs.

Although economists refuse to agree about several things, there is a rising agreement concerning the economic advantages of immigration. Of course, there is no trustworthy proof of the usually mentioned concerns that job opportunities are reduced or wages are reduced because of immigrants, whether it is in the UK or any other country for that matter. Research on the immediate result on wages by immigration has been showing that it leads to a positive impact.

The future benefits for the UK are definitely much more important than the strong income gains which have been discovered by Dustmann and Frattini in the research by UCL. This is in spite of the fact that it was not the attention of their or other research on UK Immigration. The impact of immigration on the economy of US has been researched in a lot of detail and has shown that the immigrants give dynamic results which are important for economic competitiveness and growth.

The Federal Reserve Bank of the US discovered that the economy’s capacity to produce and investment stimulation and specialization promotion were all expanded by immigrants. This results into a production of gains in efficiency and an increase in workers incomes. This is all as a result of the tendency of immigrants to be excellent people who try hard to defeat adversity. The uniqueness that they offer becomes a catalyst that leads to performance and creativity. And this observation has been noted not just in business, but also in sports, entertainment, culture, food, arts, politics, science, medicine, and academics.

Over 50 percent of new companies in Silicon Valley and half of the US patents are the efforts of migrants, and they are also all won Nobel prizes and Academy awards. Untalented migrants can perform work that local employees would refuse to do, for example manual agricultural work, By serving as child nannies and maids, they enable a large proportion of women to engage in the labour force.
However, even though immigration levels that are high tend to result in larger prosperity for the vast majority, their impact on the social and economic aspects of migration can result in immediate and localized expenses for the places where they are resident. Communities that are having quick and increased immigration require assistance to be able to handle the socio-cultural expenses of the migrants and they may also need assistance to merge and become mobile in a social way or even go back home. The levels of high pressure that are imposed on migration may affect services in those localities and the eventual competition for their jobs would need to be acknowledged and strategies put up to lessen the burdens.
The migration costs may be sudden and localized, whereas the advantages usually long-lasting and are usually felt in the near and later future. Government’s efforts should be directed at sharing and lessening the burden and services support at the local levels. By just reducing the numbers negatively affects the immediate competitiveness and the future dynamism and growth. It also could lead to an increasing quantity of unrecorded migrants, making the entire people at a worse position later in the future.

British employment and standards would be safeguarded if there were more migrants, who were required and monitored to endure that they pay their taxes, earn the minimum wage, observe all rules on safety and health, are subject to the system of criminal justice, and can be seen by social services and the law. The discussion is not about the proof but rather on feelings of the people, which has led to impressions and opinion getting out of hand.
A deadly amalgamation of increasing inequality and popular politicians who eat, and are also eaten, by fresh social and ancient media has increased concern around the nation. Immigrants have now symbolized everything terrible with globalization. There is an increasing worry, caused by the crisis in the financial circles, change in the climate, and other alien concerns, that we are no more in control of our future.
Effectively handled immigration does not result to a grave concern to the United Kingdom. We really and definitely benefit from immigration that is larger but better handled. With commercial entities and higher institutions of learning angrily saying that the current policies have adverse results, a lesser compelling visa plan that is not for the EU is also needed. This is not just for the talented workers but especially the students many of whom succeed very well and so should be encouraged to remain after their education, just like what happens in the US, Australia, Canada, and other places.
What is required is a discussion that would focus on worldwide proof and the UK. But commercial data is not going to be sufficient. Immigrants actually cause huge burdens on certain localities at some periods. These localities require assistance, with more resources given by the federal government, knowing fully well that the total advantages to the UK are more than the immediate and localized expenses to those particular localities.
The discussion should equally add a debate of the duties and laws which immigrants need to obey in order to reside in the country, including tax payments, law abiding, and others. But rights are a result of responsibilities, which would also include fair treatment that is legal and gaining advantage from the minimum wage and other rights as a result of employment.
Immigration is very vital to be destroyed under the massive weight of politicians’ popular opinions and debates. For those of us that are worried about the economic and employment future of the British economy, this is the proper period to stop the unnecessary double games and face what we know as the undeniable British characteristics of reason and fairness. If the UK is going to address the problems of the future years will be as a result of the its policies and laws on immigration. Since history, migrants have always made a very important contribution to the accomplishments of Britain and there is no question to think that their contribution in the future of Britain would be any less important.