Richest MP in Britain Makes £625,000 from State Welfare

“Something for nothing welfare state”, those were the words of the United Kingdoms’ richest MP Richard Benyon. He has a mansion on this sprawling land where he runs his property empire. As part of his charity work, he also feeds poor people, a tradition of his family that started way back in the 16th century. But despite his public display of charity, he also made a scathing comment where he said that “poor people waste too much food”. So much for this act of kindness when you detest the same people you help on every level. But the biggest hypocrisy being thrown at him to date is that he got 625,964 thousand pounds in housing benefit from West Berkshire council in 2013. He received the highest benefit among other private landlord within his area.

This discovery is very ironic because he attacked the Labour Party over payments for housing benefits. He simply detests the idea of providing benefits to people who work for the state. He thinks that these people don’t deserve a decent benefit when they do nothing.

But when this news broke out the people he detests were completely outraged. Eileen Short of Defend Council Housing stated in an fuming manner “How dare Richard Benyon lecture us about ‘something for nothing’ when he is living off the poorest and milking taxpayers all the way to the bank?”

To date, the representatives of MR. Benyon have not yet released any official statements for this issue. Yet people are already expecting explanations how these things happened. Some might even ask for public apology for the demeaning and scathing statements he said about the poor people. This issue will definitely leave a dent in his political and professional image.