Row on immigration: treatment for an animal given to a man

Sky News has been told that the treatment normally given to animals was shown to a man from Sri Lanka who stated that he had been taken into custody without any reason and detained at a centre known to be controversial.
This is coming when legislators and MPs are calling for changes that are radical to be made to the immigration detention system, as debates are being done for the reports which have been the most far-reaching with regards to the situations of individuals being considered for deportation.

The findings are going to be addressed by the House of Commons, and would comprise of proof of abuses to detainees of a sexual nature and requests to the discontinuation of pregnant women being detained.
A number of detainees who had gotten their release earlier this year from the Yarl’s Wood centre spoke to Sky News.
The man from Ski Lanka stated in his claims that both his wife and him had come into the United Kingdom and were with the Home Office through continuous contact with regards to their application’s status when during a raid on an early morning they were detained by 12 officers.

The individual who requested not to have his name mentioned stated that they had never committed any wrong act before. He had never been jailed. He did not have any records as a criminal. He could not just tell the level of shock that they both were in.
He said he felt that he was a criminal. That it was the way he felt, that they treated them like they were animals.
He stated that both his wife who is pregnant and him were restrained physically during the period that they were held at the centre.

He stated that while his wife was on his lap, another three or two officers came and had his legs pulled, and had him placed on the floor.
While they were on the floor, her wrists were being pulled by Serco officers. She was being pulled from her shoulders by another officer. Then from the tummy another officer was also pulling her.
He stated that all that had been done to her was severely cruel. In this world there was nobody that would do such to a woman who was pregnant.

Serco stated that six months ago a complaint which bordered on the physical restraint allegation had been made, and that while it was under investigation they would not make any comments.
Another woman who is a former detainee stated that she had been a witness when a woman was subjected to crawl on her knees and hands to an office where they kept a wheelchair, because a personnel choose not to have it brought to her room.

She stated emphatically that the woman had been crawling. She had actually seen this happen.
And after the woman had made use of the chair, the officer stated that he was sorry, but that the chair had to remain in that office. And so she had to resume crawling all the way back, stated the lady who is from a country in South America. She also did not want her identity to be disclosed.

A denial has been made by Serco that there were resources which were insufficient for the uses of wheelchair and emphasised that users for the long term normally came along with theirs.
Attention was also drawn by the security company to a current report by the watchdog for prisons which discovered that inmates were treated with respect by staff and did not discover any proof of a culture that was hostile or abusive in a widespread scale among their staff.

In recent weeks there has been a focus that had been renewed with regards to migrants’ treatment.
The MPs’ report was criticizing the utilization of detention for groups that are vulnerable comprising of trafficked women and refugees.

The arbitrary nature of their detention was equally described by the detainees, many of which resulted without any warning and led to their being eventually released back to their communities.
The co-ordinator of charity Medical Justice Emma Ginn stated that at Yarl’s Wood two times as many individuals were being sent back to their community as were those that were taken out which actually makes people to ask why in the first place had they been detained?

As a result, an immediate closure should be made to all immigration detention centers. They were places which were dangerous and could get detainees seriously harmed.
The Home Office stated that it had been doing a lot of work to get the standards at Yarl’s Wood improved.
A spokesperson at the Home Office stated that they were committed to ensuring that dignity and respect was the way that all detainees were being treated.

He stated further that detention and removal were parts that were essential for immigration controls to be effective. It ensured that individuals who did not have the permission to stay back in the United Kingdom were sent back to their country of origin if they refused to voluntarily leave.