Serious Issues for Target because businesses strongly support immigration

Commercial undertakings take a stand for immigration at the conference for the CBI, during which Theresa May attempted to reduce the target on net migration set by the Tories.

During the Today programme in the morning, Theresa May the Home Secretary attempted to down play the target on net migration set by her party by referring to it as an aim and a comment.

While talking about the prime minister’s obviously unachievable vow to bring down the yearly net migration to lower than 100,000 in this electoral period, she was quoted as saying that when they had issued that comment, when they had said that they were going to aim to reduce net migration to thousands and they desired to achieve it inside of the present parliament, they were quite sure about it, that it was what they desired to accomplish.

It was obvious that she was reducing the target of the prime minister, which he had previously referred to as a no buts, no ifs promise since 2011. This commitment had been made by Mr. Cameron because it was then turning out to be very clear that the Tories could not accomplish such a reduction in levels of population migration during the current parliament.

Indeed, this report is a very embarrassing one for the prime minister and his government, as a spokesperson appeared to contradict Mrs. May by stating that there was not going to be any change in the law, even though it was observed that he called it a goal.

A further addition to the woes of the Tories on immigration is the annual conference of the CBI where leaders of business are gathered. The CBI is representative to many businesses and its membership presently is as many as 190,000. In an address by the CBI president Mike May it became obvious that for businesses a vital priority was supporting movement of people into the UK.

Mike Rake is quoted as having stated that of the entire current membership of the CBI 63 per cent of them say that it has a positive impact on their businesses; while just 1 per cent claim it was negative. And it is a two way street because almost 2m Britons live all around in Europe.

The commercial proof reveals that there is a net benefit in immigration. Migrants from the EU render taxes, receive lower benefits than British nationals, and many of them do not permanently reside in the United Kingdom.
The solution to the serious problem of shortages being encountered in the United Kingdom is immigration.

With such a top level government official like May actually agreeing that the net target on migration of the Tory is impossible, and leaders of business reiterating the advantages of immigration, the Tories are stuck in a difficult situation because UKIP which is blatantly a party that is anti-EU is gaining more supporters. The problem is worsened by the undeniable truth that Ed Miliband wants to make a speech to the conference of the CBI which would be in a positive outlook that would support their membership of the European Union. His remarks on immigration would equally delight the community of business much more than the mixed statements of Tories today.

He was not stating that their borders were to be shut. Because in his opinion they should not be. But he was also not going to politicize their EU membership because he still did not believe that Britain would be made stronger nor would they stand in the world more confident.