Single mother now hopeless because of cap on benefits goes to supreme court

A single mother who has five children is now living without a house. This is because she stopped the Westminster Council from transferring her family from the capital to 50 miles away. She has now applied to the Supreme Court to look into her condition.

Titina Nzolameso has resided in London for over 16 years. As a British national her children have attended schools in Westminster for many years now. They were kicked out of their house in Westminister because of the new benefit cap which meant that the benefit does not cater for rent anymore.
The cap stops any family from getting more than $500 from the country in one week. For a family that is staying in London and other places that have high rent, social residence goes beyond the reach of many people. Some specialists have said that the law is removing poor people from the capital.

It was in November 2012 when Ms. Nzolameso decided to apply for lesser cost residences in Westminster. Instead, she was given a residence at Milton Keynes by the council. Milton Keynes is about 50 miles away from Westminster. Because she refused their offer, the council stated that it was not going to find her a house.
Presently, all of her children, who are five in number and aged from 9 to 14 have been given out to a foster home pending when they can get a better house. This makes Ms.. Nzolameso having to sleep in her friends’ houses and can only pay a visit to her children thrice a week.

Ms. Nzolameso has expressed her displeasure with what the council is doing, claiming that it was going to affect her children’s education.
Apart from that she is worried that if she leaves the capital, she would leave the friends that have helped her when she was sick. She is having depression, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Her family relocated from Democratic Republic of Congo to Britain in 1998 on asylum. Ms. Nzolameso is now a British national. She is no longer with her husband.
The Court of Appeal tossed aside her case last week. Her lawyers now want to take the case to the Supreme Court.

Jayesh Kunwardia her lawyer has said that the judgement is a license to councils to start chasing away poor people on a big scale.
When he was turning down the case on Wednesday last week, Justice Moore – Bick had said that although the court was supposed to ensure that personnel responsible for accommodation do their jobs diligently and for the benefit of everybody.

Out of all the people disrupted by the benefit cap over 48 percent were living in London because of the exhorbitant cost of housing.

An expert in homelessness Daniel Douglas said that the issue of homelessness causes disruptions for families and their children. And the effect is disastrous. And in his view, it makes the work of the councils that are responsible to be in a deeper crisis, leading to the inevitable notion of social cleansing was occurring on a large scale.