Skilled Immigration in Australia: Doctors in the United Kingdom going to Australia

Additional doctors in the United Kingdom are going away through visas that are for skilled immigrants in Australia like the Australia 190 visa which is employer sponsored, the 189 visa which is for those that are skilled and independent, and the 457 visa which is a visa for temporary work. Doctors that have emigrated already to Australia state that what motivated them to decide on switching to practicing abroad from the NHS of the United Kingdom was the better working conditions and the higher rates of pay.
3,468 doctors in the United Kingdom made applications for approval to practice abroad from the GMC (General Medical Council) in July 2015, only ten days after an announcement had been made by Jeremy Hunt the health secretary of the United Kingdom with regards to new contract proposals for staff of the NHS.
For doctors in the United Kingdom Australia has continued to remain a popular destination, essentially due to the rates of salary which can be as much as 50 percent more and with shorter working hours. However, in recent times there has been an upsurge in nurses and doctors from the United Kingdom who are migrating into Australia.
Based on a recent report by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) the nation needs not less than 47,700 new nurses in addition to not less than 26,500 new doctors. As an organization the OECD states that policies which lead to the improvement of the people’s social and economic well-being all over the world are promoted by them; with regards to achieving the standards of the OECD in terms of the provision of healthcare, the United Kingdom is struggling.

There is a growth in the trend of doctors from the UK who are going to Australia
Australia in 2011 made a recruitment of 22 out of 100 of its experts in addition to 13 out of 100 of its GPs (general practitioners) from the United Kingdom on skilled immigration visas of Australia. The expectation at the end of 2015 is that these figures are going to become far bigger; as stated above the quantity of doctors from the United Kingdom who have sent applications for approval for certificates to practice overseas to the GMC (General Medical Council) has increased.
Brian Owler the Australian Medical Association’s head stated that it was not uncommon for doctors from the United Kingdom to arrive on Australian skilled immigration vi9sas into Australia due to their not being properly treated by the NHS. He said further that it was important that opportunities should be provided to junior doctors, but that those opportunities were not being provided by the NHS.

Mr. Owler continued by adding that in the hospital system junior doctors were basically the engine room. Every single day, it was them who were scheduling appointments for tests and waiting on patients. It was them who were busy at work late on every night and if they were not available, the whole system of health was going to grind to a stop.
Doctors of the UK are considered by Mr. Owler to not be well valued in the United Kingdom in spite of the services that they render. A suggestion was equally made by him that no individual spends their resources as an investment in their development and training, adding that the public were simply forgetting that they were very essential over there.
In his views, doctors from the United Kingdom were making applications for the skilled immigration visas of Australia not just as a way to get out of the working conditions of the NHS which are difficult but due to the far better working conditions that are provided by the health services of Australia and the better lifestyles that doctors benefit from in Australia.