So many people FAILED Today!!!

This post is dedicated to Whitney 🙂

This is the message I got from Whitney, soon after her test…..

Whitney came to us, a few days before her test. She had already booked the test and wanted to make 100% sure that she would Pass. She was the nicest possible student that anyone could expect, it was a delight to teach her.

This is what we did

Also she did the one thing that most of the others think they will get around to doing later. That is she got in touch with me and told me that she would like to make sure that she would Pass. So I invited her to join our 5 hours, 100% guaranteed training program .

Then we got started, I could see clearly how well she was progressing with each lesson that we did.

During training everything went well… and then Just before the test….

She was panicking!… she never told me or let me in on the fact that she was worried and panicked. Remember I told you how nice and pleasant she was… so she probably thought it would be rude to let me know that she was worried 🙂 But with my experience I picked this up from her voice and other signs.

So what did I do? I got her to repeat of the exercises. There was no need for her to do that, but this really helped to move her Focus away from worry and panic to reach the understanding that she already had the knowledge to Pass.

Then after the test I got this message from her

I knew the answer to every question

Omg james I passed. I knew the answer to every question, I can’t believe it only took a 5 hour lesson, thank u sooo much I really appreciate it, I’ve also recommended u to my mum lol, seriously so many people failed today including ppl who were taking the test for the 4th time, I wish I could have recommended them to u, but they left before I could, please let me know if it would be possible for me to send u a little token of my appreciation as I couldn’t have done this without u. Thank you again.

Seriously I mean every word of it, keep doing whAt ur doing because ur absolutely amazing, thank you again, and take care


This is why I am telling you this

I am writing this to say that I feel really blessed and Happy about being able to make a difference in my small way, to be able to help people make a difference in their life! Thank you again to all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve you!

With greatest gratitude.



If you are still struggling to Pass then we have exact help you need.

If you have any questions now you can Call me on 02070971422


by the way this is the original message that she sent me….

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