Stopping immigration for the uk is dangerous says tony blair

The previous prime minister of Britain Tony Blair has stated that the UKIP which is known more popularly as the United Kingdom Independence Party had some pretty bad centerpiece of bias and partiality. He also cautioned that stopping immigration in the country was going to be very dangerous.

He made this known when the Progress magazine interviewed him. He pointed out that neither he nor the people of Britain thought that the party (UKIP) is right, but rather very wrong on such important issues as immigration, and Europe. He cautioned on their being very careful with what they were doing and planning to do, especially in their utterances which had the effect of justifying their policy. This was because what was being done was to disbelieve their argument when no one believed in it.

Arguing further, Blair implored the Labour party to desist from going after the ideas of a political group similar to the UKIP.
He admonished further that the political party of Nigel Farage was definitely going to retard the country’s advancement and growth, by setting this great country back in all aspects of the economy, politics, and in all the ways that the human mind can imagine.

Although he agreed that controls regarding the border were necessary to make sure that people felt that they had not lost restraint over their lives and their localities, but he felt strongly that discontinuing immigration as a whole would be dangerous for the country.

Blair’s remarks are coming when Labour chairman Ed Miliband is announcing that if the government was being led by his political group they would not hesitate in launching a bill on that touched on immigration. Miliband equally stated that there needed to be change in the EU if the country was going to handle the immigration issues. He stated all these recently while he was talking and reacting in his position as the chairman of his political party, the Labour Party.

Blair equally criticized David Cameron the current British prime minister for the way he is presently addressing the same immigration problem in Europe. He said that the Conservative Party could not handle sentiments that were against Europe, and that they had permitted it to go along with their political group. He stated that the fad does not grant the Tories any electoral advantages.

Reacting to the issues raised by Blair, a respondent for UKIP stated that for the first time they were going to concur with Mr. Blair.
According to her, Labour must rise and be truthful about its beliefs and their focus for Britain, especially as it pertains to immigration; so that the country can see who would vote for the UKIP on this. This was because the whole world knew that the plans that Tony Blair possessed was always what was the most ideal for the UK. And as a result, the country should actually listen to and support Tony Blair’s comments because they were in the overall best interest of the country.