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UK No longer Promised Land for Ugandans

When people believe that they are in trouble or they need help, one of their best choices is to seek help from their family and friends. Similarly, when a country needs help, its neighbouring or allied countries will most likely be the one to provide the need. The United Kingdom is believed to be the Promised Land for Ugandans since the Ugandans can seek help from the UK whenever they need it. However, this belief is currently being devoured by recent happenings and unfortunate events in UK.

According to the Asylum Seekers and Refugees Convention, anyone who believes that he is being politically, religiously, or racially abused, he can seek the help of other countries. This help comes in the form of protection. Notably, the recent celebration of Uganda’s 51st independence anniversary in UK proved to be successful since refugees from Uganda helped by UK are among those who were addressed in Manchester.

Though being taken care of, the Ugandan refugees are believed to be unpredictable for no one knows what they commit outside of the Immigration Office where they prove themselves to be protection-deserving. However, the Immigration Office may deserve the blame for treating these refugees up to the point of spoiling them. This dysfunctional office provides diplomatic passports to refugees who in reality are drug and human traffickers. Furthermore, they also appoint some of them to positions crucial to the operation of the office. As a result, the department becomes more dysfunctional. Fortunately, the Internal Affairs Minister pushed actions to retrain the staffs.

The inefficiency of the Immigration Office also led to the coming of massive asylum seekers and refugees into the country. These immigrants even include criminals and numerous jobless Ugandans who are not recognised by the Convention. Consequently, the high commission is having problems about their assigned departments taking care of the refugees who are the ones committing actions against them. Evidences also suggest that some of these immigrants travel on illegal routes, an act of violation.

Some even allegedly commit wrongdoings just to be accepted as refugees by the United Kingdom. The asylum seekers falsely suggest that they are being tortured, abused, and murdered in their own country. As a result, the high commission focus on providing welfare to these people instead of using the funds to improve the progress and development of the country. There is also an instance wherein a Ugandan woman married three UK nationals just to extend the benefits she will receive. Under three different identities, she married three different men to formalize her citizenship in the UK and also to receive three different benefits.

Another example is when some Ugandan men were jailed over falsely claiming 4 million pounds as benefits.

Currently, both the government and the asylum seekers are suffering from these events. For being unable to maintain an organized and well-functioning system, the government may suffer serious problems. On the other hand, for betraying the trust of the care givers, the asylum seekers may experience doors of hope closing before them. Furthermore, the UK government is pushing actions against massive cases of immigration.