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We’re Locking People up for the Crime of Being Born Outside of UK

Maybe one of the most unfortunate and unjust part of the political and judicial system is being accused of a crime a person did not commit no matter how simple or intense it is. This kind of crime does not only included murder, robbery, kidnapping, or other serious cases but also the simple ones such as small accidental wrongdoings. What is worse is the punishment for these kinds of crime. Ultimately, the person only receives judgment without doing anything.

The above argument is evidently seen in the United Kingdom’s system of immigration. Clearly, it lacks some laws and contains some flaws which become entry points to problems and predicaments. Not only the large number of immigrants who eventually become illegal workers is the problem but also those people who undergo detention due to being unable to prove their citizenship in UK. For instance, Yashika Bageerathi, a 19 year old who flee from Mauritius due to her abusive relatives and pursued her studies in North London, has undergone detention inside the Britain’s Immigration removal center with the other 3,000 people during the Mother’s day. As a result, she was unable to celebrate this special day with her most loved mother.

Furthermore, this is not the only unfortunate circumstance that transpired inside the center during that day since a 40 year old woman who was being detained in there died of heart attack. Based on reports, there are currently about 25,000 people being detained in the immigration office. Unlike other EU countries, Britain’s primary action for people suspected of being illegal workers or migrants is detention. They see this is the primary way to remove illegal immigrants out of their country.

According to Keith Taylor, he once visited one of the detention centers in UK called the Campsfield House. He said that everything turned out to be just all right since the people being detained in there are properly treated by the staffs and employees. He also added that one of the staffs told him that the people are being treated well since most of them did not commit any crime at all. These people can do anything inside the center and can interact with one another. However, the worst part is that they are being locked up and detained without doing anything wrong at all.

Some people who are being detained were the ones who committed small wrongdoings like violating simple traffic rules. One they do so, the authorities will ask them to present their proof of right to be in the UK. If they have none, they will immediately be detained. Other things will not be considered like the pets they may have left in their home or their relatives and friends. In fact, there is no limit to the time these people will be detained which is a violation against the people’s right to liberty.

It seems that UK’s treatment to these people is inhumane. Detention is not the only thing that can be done to these people. Other countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, and Belgium have their effective ways which does not only reduce the cost for the government but also does not violate the rights of people. Ultimately, the immigration system of UK needs amendment to be fair and equal to all.